CID detectives grill nine top Electoral Commission bosses in UGX.9 billion scandal as Museveni swings axe

Electoral Commission

Detectives grill Electoral Commission officials over UGX. 9bn printing saga (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Nine top Electoral Commission bosses implicated in a UGX. 9 billion printing scandal were this week grilled by detectives at Criminal Investigations Directorate and are now helping the Police with investigations.

Highly placed sources said the nine bosses who are linked to the high-level thefty were questioned on their involvement in a printing scandal that also involves former Presidency Minister Esther Mbayo.

Reliable security sources said the grilling of the EC officials was sanctioned by President Museveni who is said to have done his own private investigations into the officials’ dealings before ordering for their grilling.

According to sources, the President got wind of information that the officials had stolen the money in connection with former Minister Mbayo.

President Museveni in May this dropped Mbayo from Cabinet and ordered the new Presidency Minister, Milly Babalanda to sack officials at Uganda Printing and Publishing Company (UPPC).

Sources have intimated to that the EC bosses inflated the budget for purposes of saving enough money for themselves after the election.

CID police spokesperson ASP Charles Twiine the development.

He said all nine EC officials were summoned and recorded their statement and are now being investigated.

President Museveni has previously vowed to get rid of the current Electoral Commission which he accused of being corrupt.

“The Electoral Commission is full of rotten people,” NTV, quoted Mr Museveni telling a women’s conference recently.

“I am going to get rid of them [EC]. Why should we suffer with corrupt election officials when NRM has got so much manpower? They should be out. Get out,” he said

Also addressing Cabinet at Kololo recently, President Museveni said he will arrest all Government officials involved in Corruption and other related scandals.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Magoba Geofrey

    05/11/2021 at 2:32 PM

    Unless corruption only means miss use of public money for personal gains but the EC has been used by M7 to get what he wants after every five years. So he’s their boss who needs to answer to us first even they do

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