Clan leaders urged to use online to teach the youth values, norms of their culture

The head of Ngabi clan Jajja Lubega Magandazi Rozio Nsamba the 31st during a function (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Buganda clan leaders have been urged to embrace technology as one way of educating and instilling morals, norms and cultural values among the youth.

The remarks were made by the head of Ngabi clan Jajja Lubega Magandazi Rozio Nsamba the 31st during a function where “Kalikutanda”, an association that brings all the Ngabi members together as they celebrate one year since its inception.

Due to the use of Information technology at large scale in various countries, Nsamba said this is the best time of innovation of new ideas on the digital platforms for delivering the education and teaching the young people the values and the norms of their culture.

“Covid-19 has changed everything and we are ready to teach them via zoom, we need to embrace some of these technologies, we hear of u tube, Facebook, WhatsApp among others. As clan leaders, we need to know that this is a new era, ”he said.

He explained that caring for one’s culture is not an annual event or even a monthly event just like sleeping and eating.

Jajja Nsamba arriving at the function

He said caring for the culture is a daily activity that requires an investment of one’s time and attention.

“Culture is built through shared experiences. It comes from the stories told, the lessons learned and relationships with the people around us. As a leader, when caring for your culture, you must explain and demonstrate the behaviors of the culture you want to create,”he said.

He urged the young people to continue with hard work and ensure that their association Kalikutanda Ngabi family continues to prosper.

“These are youth who love their clan, they love Buganda and are hardworking .As leaders of the clans in Buganda we are happy that young people love the kingdom .The kingdom can only prosper if young people participate and love the kingdom and their clans, ”he said.

The chairperson of Kalikutanda Ngabi Family Association, Yiga Joseph Nsamba said they will continue teaching and mentor the young people especially those who have joined the association.

He noted that they will embrace social media platforms to carry out most of their activities so that no one is left behind when it comes to the issues regarding the kingdom.

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