Coca-cola launches enchanting ‘you can be SANTA’ Christmas caravan campaign to spread holiday cheer across Uganda

Coca-Cola, a leading global beverage company, has unveiled its highly anticipated Christmas Caravan Campaign, an initiative designed to infuse the festive season with a touch of genuine magic. Embracing the spirit of Santa Claus and celebrating the inherent kindness within us all, Coca-Cola is set to captivate hearts across Uganda with a series of enchanting experiences aimed at uniting communities and spreading joy.

The 2023 Christmas campaign by Coca-Cola is a celebration of the magic of kindness. As the holiday season approaches, Coca-Cola is once again taking its iconic Caravan tours on a joyous journey through markets across Uganda in December. This tour aims to create unforgettable moments, foster togetherness, and invite friends, families, and neighbors to partake in the festivities.

At the heart of this initiative is the opportunity for communities to gather and unleash their inner Santas by engaging in acts of kindness. The Coca-Cola Caravan will not only offer refreshing Coca-Cola beverages but will also provide participants with the chance to win exciting prizes and share a meal, fostering connections and spreading cheer through genuine, heartfelt gestures.

This year, Coca-Cola is set to remind everyone that the spirit of the season lives within us daily. The Christmas Caravan Campaign is more than just an event; it’s a call to embrace the inherent kindness within and extend it to others.

Speaking at the flag-off event, Arthur Akankwasa, Senior Franchise Manager Uganda, The Coca Cola Company, reminisced on the magic around Christmas and encouraged customers to get into the spirit of giving and unity to bring cheer to loved ones in this season.

“Everybody can be a Santa. During this season, you have the opportunity to gift and bring cheer to the people around you by sharing a meal, a coke to double the joy in this season. We are also giving back to our lucky customers who will walk away with hampers and assorted food stuff to supplement what they have in this season. Carry forward the same blessing to your friends, neighbors, and family. Merry Christmas!” he said.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan Campaign is poised to create lasting memories and foster a sense of community during this special time of the year. Customers will be informed on the Coca-Cola social media platforms and local media platforms when the iconic Coca-Cola Caravans are rolling into neighborhoods to deliver moments of joy, togetherness, and the spirit of Santa Claus.

“We encourage our customers to look out for our caravans as they transcend across different locations to participate and receive gift hampers. We value our customers and are always finding ways to bring you joy and be part of all your celebrations. What is better than a shared coke with meals with friends and family? Make us a part of your celebration!” said Innocent Namanya, Chanel & Trade Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda.

To participate, customers are encouraged to show up and be a part of the ongoing entertainment activities at the caravans and in various malls across the country. This will give them a chance to win great prizes and merchandise and to share in the spirit of Christmas. A few of the caravan locations include; Entebbe road, Nankulabye, Nsangi, Kireka, Wakiso among others.

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