Col. Edith Nakalema opens up on bad blood with Tamale Mirundi


Col. Edith Nakalema, a military aide of President Yoweri Museveni has for the first time spoken about the genesis of her bitter relationship with Tamale Mirundi, a Presidential advisor on media affairs.

They both worked in State House before Mirundi was sacked as Presidential spokesperson while Nakalema, a highly trained SFC soldier was Museveni’s Personal Assist until she was sent to UK military academy and upon return in 2018, she was appointed the Head of State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

A unit which has made tremendous job in curbing corruption despiste limited resources.

While Mr Mirundi has turned Nakalema into daily fodder for abuses on several media platforms for over 5 years now, she is never moved and the daily insults don’t deter her zeal to serve the country with diligence.

Because of consistently attacking Nakalema, the public has since interrogated Mirundi’s motive particularly the allegations of corruption against Nakalema yet the President entrusted her with a docket to investigate the corrupt.

Therefore, Mirundi has been perceived as venturing into vendetta because he has never come to terms with the manner how the President replaced him as Press Secretary

In an interaction with Col. Nakalema at her office in Kampala on Tuesday, she hinted on the genesis of her troubles with Mirundi way back in 2015.

“I stood my ground and told the President face to face that I will not work with this abusive man. And that is how he was replaced,” Nakalema said.

But what had Tamale Mirundi committed that sparked off anger prompting Nakalema told assure the principal why she wouldn’t work with Mirundi.

“I remember in 2015, I was the Personal Assistant to the President, and that day I was sitting in for the PPS. And Tamale Mirundi accused me of eating money. I said what! I went to the President and told him that I wouldn’t work with this man,” she added.

In what seems to be downplaying Mirundi’s baseless allegations, the President has since elevated Nakelama to higher positions.

Nakalema is born again officer of UPDF who has served in tempting positions but she maintains that leadership is a calling and she puts her country first.

While heading the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), Nakalema has investigated wealthy Ugandans and government officials who could have attempted to wet her beak, but she told this website that no amount of money can blindfold her.

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