Col. Engola shooting: Speaker tasks stakeholders to end gun violence

Speaker Anitah Among pays her last respects to the fallen State Minister for Labour, Employment, and Industrial Relations, Col. (Rtd) Okello Charles Engola

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has strongly condemned the persistently escalating gun violence in the country and in equal measure directed security organs to reign in with lasting remedies.

In her eulogy message delivered to the special sitting that had convened this afternoon to pay tribute to the late State Minister for Labour, Speaker Among tasked security organs to with immediate action address the growing tendency of gun violence.

“No one has the right to take the life of another under any circumstance and it is wrong for anyone to assume that just because they carry guns, they can kill whoever they want to eliminate,” Rt Hon Among said.

She added: “Enough is enough, we need to find a solution to this problem as a nation and I call on all the law enforcement agencies to do whatever is required to bring all the culprits to book.”

Speaker Among’s condemnation resonates with the message issued by President Museveni who in equal measure condemned the said acts and vowed to punish the killers who wipe out Ugandan souls in cold blood.

The fallen Engola was gunned down in cold bold by his bodyguard Private Wilson Sabiti on Tuesday Morning before the latter turned the gun on self in Kyanja, Kampala.

In the same spirit, Speaker Among expressed her displeasure towards a section of Ugandans who celebrate the deaths and untimely passing of fellow countrymen.

“As we mourn the passing on of our brother and colleague the Hon ColCharles Engola, I want to express my displeasure with an unfortunate practice in this country where people celebrate the misfortune of those they don’t agree with,” Speaker Among said before adding: “It is inhuman, uncultured and immoral to celebrate the death of anyone because you hold a divergent view from them.”

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja who presented a motion to pay tribute to the late Charles Engola, said the fallen minister answered the highest call of serving his country as a professional soldier.

“Engola was a war hero and played a fundamental role in the pacification of Northern Uganda against the LRA insurgency and acquired the name, “Macodwogo” meaning, “fire has returned.” the Prime Minister said.

State Minister for International Affairs, Okello Oryem described Col (Rtd) Charles Engola’s death as a “shame.”

“It is a shame for such a hero to die in a silly way. I wish Charles had been killed on the battlefield. That would be so noble.”

Lt. Gen James Mugira (UPDF Representative) saluted Col (Rtd) Engola’s efforts and invaluable contribution to ending the LRA mayhem in Northern Uganda and for contributing to the bringing of peace, security, and stability in the region.

Lt Gen Mugira said the assassination of Minister Engola should not be reduced to the issue of low salary.

“This is indiscipline, period! I want to state that UPDF has never been a machinery force. Our service to our motherland has always been out of patriotism, ideological convictions and sacrifice all throughout,” Lt Gen James Mugira said.

Minister of Gender, Labour & Social Development  BettyAmongi said during his tenure as State Minister for Labour, Engola was in charge of negotiations, engagements, & implementation of labour issues emanating from IGAD, EAC, AU, & Organization of Islamic countries.

In his tribute, the Leader of the Opposition, in parliament, Mathias Mpuuga said he is cognizant of the late Engola’s contribution when he took a decisive stance in cancelling licenses of non-compliant labour agents.

“It is sad that Col (Rtd) Engola has passed on at a critical time when we are yet to conclusively deal with the regulation of labour externalization,” Mr Mpuuga said, noting that LOP that Engola’s murder by his bodyguard is a wake-up to the government to scale up investment in mental health and subsequently increase access to mental health services.

“There has been talk of unpleasant remuneration terms on the part of the erring bodyguard. We don’t seek to justify his conduct & decision in any way. We think it’s time to dust the debate on the minimum wage which has sprawled “on the fence” for a long time.”

Mpuuga also questioned the deployment of the erring bodyguard, Wilson Sabiiti who had reportedly been withdrawn from Capt. Mike Mukula’s security detail due to his improper behaviour. Sabiiti would later murder Col (Rtd) Engola at his home

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