CORPORATE INTIMACY: The courtship between man and manmade man

The relationship between the markets, artificial man and natural man is an interesting one. It is apparent that as society opens up for money economy, one cannot exist without the other…the unfolding love between companies and man is one interesting adventure in market theory.

Thus, most companies have incorporated the practice of corporate social responsibility in company management because they realize the importance of associating with human huddles in their everyday economic journey. For them, the ultimate is not profit accumulation but identification with humanity.

There is a growing intimacy between manmade man and natural man and this is often manifested in our happy times and bad times. Companies have been with us in our birthday, Christmas, Eid, independence celebrations among others. To add, they have been with us in our worst times such as in times of natural disasters, COVID-19 crisis etc.

This is nothing other than the growing corporate intimacy with humanity in its market adventure. The behavior and life of the company is identical to humanity. The same is its legacy.

The question therefore is, what is the origin of this growing intimacy? Can we reduce it to the markets and profit inducement? I do not agree that the same can be reduced to market scramble and profiteering and if any corporate manager thinks so I think he or she misses a point. Market scramble and the rest is secondary.

I hold a view that, without this corporate- human journey,a company or manmade man cannot grow because the primary of corporate formation is not profiteering but value addition in society.

Company formation is part of the broader human adventure for self-revelation. The origin of a company is rooted in social sadness which sadness arises from a need. Look in my view this is the golden rule in company management…otherwise market scramble that is not premised on this awareness is not sustainable.

Theories such as customer care and corporate social responsibility are all an abstract of this intimacy. You see! The life of a company is dependent on this. It is the bloodline a company.

Man, and a company cannot be separated because to appreciate the beauty of company existence, what is primary is not markets but man. The logic of market control is in the appreciation of man and this highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility.

With the above background, I must state that society must participate in the development of their companies. Call it citizen corporate responsibility because companies play a big role in our date today lives. Thus, I hold the view that there must be some sort of passive participation of citizens in company management. For example, availing companies the necessary information on how to serve them better.

That said, below is a link with a form wherein you can feel and give your view of corporate behavior of Telecom companies in Uganda in as far as provision of different services.

Ranging from better network, customer care, mobile money services among others. By filling the same, you will have helped in our ongoing research whereby thereafter we shall submit it to these companies for further assessment thus helping them to serve us better.

click on the link
-when it opens proceed to fill the form in different options provided
-when you have completed ticking the different options provided click on submit and we shall receive your information.

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