DISASTER: Kinyamatama!

Rakai Woman MP Elect Juliet Kinyamatama declared her bid to contest for the Speakership of the 11th Parliament (PHOTO/Courtesy).

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard of 3rd session of 10th Parliament has revealed that the Rakai Woman Member of Parliament, Juliet Kinyamatama, who wants to be Speaker of the 11th Parliament, is the 16th worst performing legislator scoring 2,7% out of 100%.

Kinyamatama in the period of a full of one year did not move a Constitutional Amendment on the floor of Parliament, did not table or seconded a Private Member’s Bill, never moved a single motion or seconded a motion, never raised a question to Prime Minister or any Minister, never presented a petition and finally didn’t raise any issue of national importance.

Hon. Kinyamatama attended only 3 out of 108 debates in Parliament in the 3rd session covering 2018 and 2019. Her debate influence is 0.22%.

In one committee she attended only one of 9 sittings and another committee 4 out of 18 sittings. Kinyamatama sits in the two committees of HIV/AIDS and Foreign Affairs.

The Rakai woman MP on Wednesday declared her interest to contest for the Speaker of the 11th Parliament. Kinyamatama has been re-elected on independent ticket after losing in the National Resistance Movement party primary elections last year.

Kinyamatama is also among the MPs who attended Parliament the fewest number of times according to the report of the 3rd Session.

Another candidate for the same race, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, scored 86.8% in the third session of Parliament before COVID-19 interrupted the world. The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard is conducted by the African Leadership Institute and is meant to foster transparency and democratic accountability.

The scores of Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, who wants to retain her seat and that of her deputy Jacob Oulanyah are not captured in the report.

The two chair Parliament and are not graded.

Early last year during the 4th session of Parliament Kinyamatama moved an amendment of the constitution to move all public holidays falling on weekends to weekdays.

Members of Parliament rejected Kinyamatama’s plan and all voted against it.
Kinyamatama told journalists at Parliament on Wednesday that it is very hard for some MPs to be recognized and picked to speak on the floor of Parliament.

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