Dossier pins tycoon Abid Alam on racism, inhuman treatment of Ugandan employees

KAMPALA — A document in circulation has made a raft of demeaning allegations against businessman Abid Alam including racism, firing and evicting non Indian employees and traders from his Impala House in Ugandan capital Kampala.

Mr Abid who is being investigated by State House Anti-corruption Unit over murder and violent eviction of villages in Mubende is facing fresh accusationsof inhuman treatment of Ugandans and in the process unfairly recruiting foreigners who they claim have no work permits to do the small jobs that even local people are able to do.

“Now, Alam Abid has chased away Ugandans who have been working at his Imapala House and deployed there non Ugandans to do small jobs that Ugandans can do,” reads the document being circulated online and sent to editors of all major media houses.

“For example one of these foreigners of Asian origin is the one manning bthe barrier/ chain that screens vehicles going to the parking yard of Impala house, ” the document adds.

Mr. Abid, a tycoon, is also accused of going against a presidential directive on rent collection and subjecting his tenants to intense pressure and unfair eviction.

“All those including tenants that have paid rent for all months up to 30th September, but have not paid October rent are being evicted”.

“All tenants with Corona lockdown period (March – June) arrears were evicted from the building the moment they returned from the lockdown”.
The whistleblower wants the media to independently investigate the allegations.

A source at Mr. Abid’s empire described the dossier as witch hunt and malicious propaganda aimed at soiling the businessman’s name.

The State House Anti-corruption unit this year arrested Mr. Abid over the unlawful eviction of residents in Bukompe, Kassanda district.

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1 Comment

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