DP- Extension of lockdown is sacrificing Ugandans to hunger, suffering

DP’s Richard Ssebamala addressing the media (courtesy photo)

The Democratic Party (DP) in opposition has demanded that government announces a structured plan to ease the 42 days lockdown that was placed as a measure to fight the COVID-19 surge in the country.

The call made by the party Parliamentary representative in Bukoto Central Constituency, Richard Ssebamala just days to the end of the lockdown.

Ssebamala told the media at the party campaign command Centre in Balintuma that is so disturbing that the lockdown are ending this week yet the government has not come out to present an order of easing the lockdown especially in regard to the various sectors in the country.

“Our children have to go back to school,  how will this be handled, the government had come up with an idea of providing every household with radios through which studies would be conducted, this was a good idea since it does not allow the gathering of many pupils in one place; it’s coming to two years but the idea has not yet seen light,” Ssebamala said.

Ssebamala reminded government that rapid COVID-19 testing programs should be rolled out and as such testing kits made available to the health private practitioners at a cheaper cost which can be a way of partnership between government and the private health centers.

“We need to have a well structured plan of easing out the lockdown, and the responsibility of coming up with such a plan entirely rests on the part of government. It’s two days away from the end of the lockdown but until now the government has not communicated any plan of easing out the lockdown, if there are plans of maintaining the lockdown, the same should be communicated too such that people realize that they are offered as sacrifices to hunger and all such sordid predicaments that come with the lockdown,” Ssebamala said.

He added, “We cannot afford another lockdown, but if that be so, then, it’s important that the same is communicated in time.”

The party thus demanded that government announces a comprehensive plan communicating the structure that shall sustain the fight against the deadly pandemic.

This comes at the time when President Museveni is set to address the nation on the way forward come this Saturday.



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