DR. EKWARO OBUKU: How to fight COVID-19 where there is no Doctor

Dr Ekwaru Obuku, a physician, researcher, academic and health policy expert

Dr Ekwaru Obuku, a physician, researcher, academic and health policy expert

KAMPALA — Special message for the Trade Union Elders Forum

If you are 50 years & above, please avoid the three C’s:
Closed spaces e.g. Church or Halls or Taxi (open all windows fully)
Crowds e.g. Markets or Political rallies
Contacts e.g. Medical Workers or sitting for more than 15 minutes in OPD of clinics or hospitals.

Now doctors, nurses & indeed the healthcare system is overwhelmed. Apart from COVID-19, the other diseases are still affecting Ugandans: Malaria, Pneumonia/TB, HIV, & NCDs being the big killers.

Tests cost at least 180k with limited access for days. Admission in hospital for COVID-19 treatment will cost you at least 1 million shillings a day, in Mulago ICU (the cheapest) & filled to capacity.

Public Health Measures (Prevention)

1. Respiratory hygiene: Wear your mask properly! Do not cough fwaaa! Cover with your elbow.

2. Hand hygiene: Wash frequently, don’t shake & use soap & water or sanitiser.

3. Oral & facial hygiene: Do not spit fwaaa & do not touch soft parts.

4. Good nutrition: Plenty of water (3 Liters a day), vegetables & fruits. _Half your plate should have Nakati or Dodo or Buga or Sukuma Wiki or Akeo or Amalkwang or Bojo (Gobe).

5. Physical Activity: Walk to work, do housework, dig your flowers garden, or exercise from home every morning for 15 minutes.

Your basic covid-19 prescription
(When you have severe flu-like symptoms & because treating COVID-19 early will save your life as you wait to see Basawo)

1. High dose vit C,1g daily 15 days
2. Zinc 40mg daily 15 days
3. Azithromycin 500mg daily x 5 days
4. Dexamethasone 4mg daily x 5 days
5. See a qualified Medical worker as soon as possible (They are few & exhausted)

The 5k Covid-19 Mix Pack (Immunity Booster):

1. Garlic 2k
2. Ginger 1k
3. Pineapple 2k

Cut into very small pieces, pound & mix in 1 litre of hot boiled water. Allow to cool.

Take at least 2 table spoons two to three times daily.

But doctor, I have ulcers?

Take the following options:

Option A: Take the above COVID-19 mix with anti-acid e.g. Magnesium or Aluminum (Relcer gel)

Option B:
(a) Zinc 20mg daily for 1 month (6k, buy 100 tab pack at 20k)
(b) Vitamin C 200mg daily for 1 month (4k, buy 100 tab pack at 10k)
(c) Vitamin A 200,000 i.u (one capsule) every three months (1k)

Total 15k pack

The monthly cost of these prevention & early treatment options is less than 50k.
The estimated cost of ICU for 5 days ranges from 5 million (e.g. Mulago) to 25 million (e.g. Medipal Hospital)

Dr. Ekwaro A OBUKU

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