Dr. KIZZA BESIGYE: Uganda’s Covid19 control fiasco!


Dr. Kizza Besigye

As a response to a huge upsurge of (2nd Wave) Covid19 infections in Uganda, the NRM/M7 Junta leader, Gen Museveni, issued directives on Sunday (6th June) night, ordering that all Uganda’s schools must close the following morning (7th June) at 8am!

The Junta leader also banned inter-District movement with effect from Wednesday 9th June. All measures to be reviewed after 42 days. Anyone intending to move upcountry was thrown into a panic.

Since the morning of Monday, 7th June, 2021, there has been pandemonium in most of Uganda’s towns, as school children and students tried to find transport to their homes.

Many members of the general public are also trying to return to their home Districts, fearing a total lockdown like happened in 2020.

As a result, there has been a sudden assembly of huge numbers of people from different schools and locations at various public transport hubs. All these assembled people are heading to all parts of the country.

This has created the optimal condition for spreading Covid19 quickly countrywide. The school children who’re returning home are a great danger to their dear parents- who’re more vulnerable to getting a severe attack of Covid19.

We’re likely to see a big spike in the infection, hospitalization and deaths.

In spite of having borrowed huge amounts of money last year to deal with Covid19 pandemic, there wasn’t any significant increase in hospital beds, facilities or healthcare workers.

As this, latest, huge disaster continues to unfold, many people are distracted to debate (useless) cabinet appointments; M7’s new approach to “fighting corruption” etc etc.

Our country has a collective duty to urgently bring an end to this abuse of office and contempt for citizens of our country.

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