DYING FOR LOVE: Open letter to my crush

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Before I begin this love story today, allow me say this morning I was fascinated by the posts of one my friends Busingye. She posted one of the love quotes from the Chinese philosopher.

Confucius (551-479 BC) “can there be a love which does not make demands on its objects”? and you see! She put it on us the status viewers to answer her. It was interested and funny you know! she walk us up in a love puzzle. I will attempt to answer the same in my next article. One of her friends attempted the question and I must say it was a good opinion. I will quote the same here under.

“………. Okay…my approach is in God’s perspective. According to God., love (instead of demanding) it gives. That is why it is unconditional. From the very basic, God loves because he loves. He chose to save us not because we had done anything, but because he loved us. It is the very same love he calls us to undertake. E.g. us men, to love our wives as Christ loved the church) so…love gives instead of demanding. Notwithstanding, when that is true, the demands of its object come automatically. That when I love, I give and when you love, you give in return-according to God’s purpose and glory. So…. the demands of its object are very indirect and not in the immediate perspective.”

That said, allow me proceed. The letter herein below is based on a true-life experience.

Dear Crush,

I won’t keep this any longer…I won’t lie to myself any longer that I don’t like you. I feel I may regret my action but its time you knew the truth.

My shy nature doesn’t let me open up for you; but my eyes and gesture speak up the love I have for you.

Today I must tell you that you make very thing have meaning for me. In your midst, I live again. With you the beauty of existence unfolds.

Without you, I am like that child without a mother that even in the midst of beauty, I don’t see it.

Because without you, everything is meaningless, not even the beauty in the galaxy can have meaning to me in your absence. I belong to you, my heart finds correspondence in you and without you it is restless. I want to have a glimpse at you time and again.

I love you.

For: You that has a crush. Enjoy!!!

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