Earth Hour 2021 marked digitally

Mr. David Duli, WWF Uganda Country Director

Environmentalists have reechoed the call for a ban on single use plastics.

The call was made as several stakeholders led by World Wide Fund for nature launched 2021 earth hour.

Earth Hour, is a flagship global environmental movement of the WWF that brings together millions of environmentalists to shine a spotlight on the urgent need to address nature loss and climate change.

Speaking to reporters in Kampala, David Duli who heads WWF in Uganda said Ugandans must join the campaign to control plastic pollution in the country.

He said the country’s development and prosperity depends on its natural capital hence the need to have everyone involved in protecting the environment.

“This year, we want you shine a light on the deep connections between climate change and natural loss—that we can’t beat climate change without protecting future nor re-establish a thriving natural world without stable climate,” Mr. Duli said.

With evidence pointing towards a close link between nature’s destruction and rising incidences of infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19, Mr. Duli said Earth Hour 2021 will unites people to speak up for nature.

This global event comes ahead of key moments when world leaders will take critical decisions on nature, climate change and sustainable development, setting the course of the future.

Gen. Katumba Wamala, Commissioner Uganda Scouts said that the destruction of natural resources including paints a grim picture.

Globally, nature loss and wildlife decline is occurring at an alarming rate. Wildlife populations have declined on average by 60 percent in the past 40 years, largely due to threats and pressures linked to human activity.

Gen. Katumba warned that nature is in a state of emergency and “we should all wakeup to protect it”.

“As we develop infrastructure in our country, let’s not destroy our nature but rather support it, If we are not careful, our development will undermine natural assets that underpins nature and the crucial eco-system services that we all benefit from.”

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