EASTER GOODIES: Labour recruitment companies donate to Sanyu Babies’ Home

UAERA Vice Chairman, Ibrahim Bwogere

Employment recruitment companies under their umbrella body the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) have made donations worth Shs5m to children at Sanyu babies’ home.

The team led by UAERA Vice Chairperson, Ibrahim Bwogere and the Executive Director (ED), Enid Nambuya donated items such as sugar, soap, powdered Milk, diapers, rice, biscuits, candys, meat among others.

Public Relations committee

During the handover, Bwogere appreciated the leadership of Sanyu Babies home for being a home to the homeless and a source of livelihood to children most of whom are abandoned by their parents.

“As a labour recruitment sector, we feel it is time to give back to the community as part of our responsibility; it is so touching to see abandoned babies in such a place, I request all Ugandans to stand out and offer any kind support to the home,” Bwogere said.

In her remarks, the UAERA ED, Nambuya noted that the activity is an inaugural Community Social Responsibility (CSR) which the association undertook having reaslised that they are now in position to give back to the community.

“This season happens to be a very special season, it has both the Ramadhan season and the lent season, that way we thought we would use the season to show our gratefulness to God who has made all of us survive COVID-19 and our businesses are on the rise,” Nambuya said.

Nambuya noted that it is proper that the association would come out and share the little that they have managed to get in such a short period of time with babies.

“The effect of COVID affected some young women and men, we need to go back to the basics for people to understand that if you do ‘Adult things you must be willing to the full walk.

On her part, Sanyu Babies Home ED, Barbra Nankya Mutagubya appreciated UAERA members for thinking about abandoned babies Sand showing them love through the donations.

Nambuya noted that the home is facing a number of challenges among which is the effect of COVID-19 which has led to the increase in the number of abandoned children.

“The number of abandoned children is increasing and many come with a lot of special needs which include; Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus, Cerebral pulse, HIV/AIDs and other chronic conditions. These are some of the effects of COVID-19 were young girls were not able to receive adequate antenatal care,” Nambuya said.

Nambuya used the opportunity to rally Ugandans to always visit the home to do some voluntary work, give donations as well as adopting some of the children.

“Sanyu babies’ home is not an orphanage but a transit home, we believe that children should live in homes and not orphanages; that’s why we encourage everyone who is able to adopt a child to make their way to the home since we only have a capacity of 50 babies at the moment,” Namuya said.

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