Education ministry explains shooting of students of St. Joseph’s College Layibi

St. Joseph`s College Layibi School in Gulu

St. Joseph`s College Layibi School in Gulu

Two students of St. Joseph`s College Layibi School in Gulu City have been killed and another critically injured in a suspected robbery at a neighbouring school. The deceased students have been identified as Brian Rubangakene and Emmanuel Okeny while the injured is Kenneth Rubangakene.

According to preliminary information, security guards from Exposs Security Group shot the trio on Wednesday night while trying to access Bright Valley Girls Primary and Secondary Schools in Techo Parish, Bardege-Layibi division, about one kilometer from St Joseph`s College Layibi.

Brian Rubangakene died on the spot while Emmanuel Okeny breathed his last this morning at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. Kenneth Rubangakene sustained injuries on his legs and is admitted to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. The victims are Senior Four candidates.

Moses Ogwang, the Community Liaison Officer-CLO at Gulu Central Police Station, says that more than ten students jumped over the wall fence of Bright Valley Girls Primary and Secondary Schools through the backyard around 9:30 pm and moved towards the school store section but they were spotted by security guards, who opened fire.

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On Wednesday, 17th March 2021, ten (10) students escaped from St. Joseph’s college Layibi in Gulu district in the night, at approximately 10pm when they were supposed to have been in the dormitories asleep.

They proceeded to Green Valley Girls Secondary School, which is located two and a half kilometers from St. Joseph’s College Layibi.

Shortly after 10:00pm, the students’ resident warden received a call informing the school that some students from the school had been shot while trying to make entry into the neighboring girls school.

The resident warden immediately called the headteacher. The headteacher in turn immediately instituted a roll call for all students in the school and upon concluding the exercise, the school established that ten (10) students had escaped from school and were not in the dormitories as expected.
The Headteacher then proceeded to call the RDC in charge of security in the district to inform him of the information he had received.

The RDC confirmed to the Headteacher that he was already aware of the incident and confirmed that indeed students of St. Joseph’s College Layibi had been shot at while trying to enter Green Valley Girls Secondary School and one student Lubanga Kene Brian in senior four had died from gunshot wounds.

The RDC also confirmed that a second student, Lubanga Kene Kenneth also in senior four had also been shot but was injured in the leg and had been rushed to Gulu Referral Hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

The RDC further confirmed that three other students had been arrested and taken to Gulu Central Police Station. The arrested students are Okello Sam (S4), Ogenrwoth Daniel (S4) and Okello Brian Obol (S4).
Following the report by the RDC which accounted for five students only, five other students remained unaccounted for based on the record of students present from the rollcall.

Today, Thursday 18th March 2021, the five others unaccounted for sneaked back into the school as the Headteacher was addressing the students at an assemble convened at 6.00am. These included: Ogenrwoth Jasper, Ocakachon Gerald, Opwonya Arnold, all of senior four and one Kakaum Herbert of S3.

One other boy Okeny Emmanuel of senior four was found to have collapsed by the teachers’ quarters and had been bleeding profusely. He was immediately rushed to Gulu Referral Hospital where he passed on at 7.30am.

At 9.00am the school held a requiem mass for the deceased students.
A school board meeting is ongoing within the school campus from where a more comprehensive report about the incident shall be communicated.

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