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Encounter the baby gorillas on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

baby boom

Uganda parks in Gorilla baby boom

Gorilla conservation is at the heat of gorilla trekking not only in Uganda but also in Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.

While some may see the baby gorillas and only wish they were their pets, it is to such desires that efforts are made to ensure that the mountain gorillas are preserved in their natural habitats.

It should also be noted that taking the mountain gorillas out of their natural habitat is an equivalent of putting them on a death sentence.

The mountain gorillas are known to only survive in their natural habitat which for the same reasons their natural habitats have to be guarded jealously against all none eco-friendly human activities.

Every gorilla permit bought or sold is a contribution to the sustainability of the mountain gorillas. There for a visit to the great apes in their natural habitat is as important to the conservation of the mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking is not at all a fun adventure to include on your bucket list. Actually its ability to be a fun activity yet at the same time ensuring wildlife conservation that should be the very reason to consider it. However today we wish to take a detour from the known and common gorilla trekking.

In 2020; Uganda saw the total of 8 babies born to different gorilla families in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and only one baby in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Besides the sad news of Rafiki passing on due to poaching tendencies, the baby boom was a special consolation in this regard rising the current gorilla population in Bwindi National Park to around 470 mountain gorillas.

This also raises a special question; where can I go in Bwindi impenetrable forest to encounter baby gorillas?

Where to Encounter Baby gorillas in Uganda
Whenever we talk about gorilla trekking in Uganda, we are considering two major gorilla trekking locations; Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Of the above two gorilla trekking location; Mgahinga gorilla national park only has one habituated gorilla family implying that you are short of family options in case you are to go gorilla trekking in Mgahinga gorilla national park

The good news is; Mgahinga national park’s habituated gorilla family well known as Nyakagezi also registered a gorilla birth in 2020. This means that when you go gorilla trekking in Mgahinga gorilla national park, you will obviously encounter a baby gorilla in this family.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

If you are planning to see the great apes, visit Bwindi and experience the unique wildlife encounter with the great apes.
Bwindi impenetrable Forest is the leading gorilla trekking destination in Uganda priding itself with over 17 habituated gorilla families that can be visited any time of the year. These families are distributed among the four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park including; Buhoma sector, Ruhija sector, Rushaga sector and Nkuringo sector.

Among these four sectors, Rushaga sector received the highest baby boom in 2020. Among the families in Rushaga sector offering opportunities of encountering baby mountain gorillas include but not limited to; Muyambi gorilla family, Mucunguzi gorilla family and Nshongi.

Nkuringo gorilla family also registered a baby birth which makes it one of the gorilla families to consider in case you wish to encounter the baby gorillas. For those interested in visiting the legendary Buhoma sector Rushegura gorilla family is another family to consider.

Note: When booking gorilla trekking permits, you cannot choose a particular gorilla family, gorilla families are issued on ground. It is only in Mgahinga gorilla national park where you are guaranteed a particular gorilla family upon booking since it only has one gorilla family.

However; an experienced and professional tour operator already knows the procedure of tracking the family of choice when you reach the ground though it remains subject to which trekking sector permit you have.

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