Entebbe International Airport records increased passenger traffic in August

Entebbe International Airport has registered a whopping 34 % increase in travelers (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Entebbe International Airport has registered a whopping 34% increase in travelers despite multiple turbulence in the aviation industry.

Data from Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) indicate passenger numbers surged from 61,328 in July 2021 to 81,968 travelers in August 2021.

Officials linked the increase to migrant workers traveling to the Middle East and easing of travel restrictions by UAE among other countries.

Mr. Vianney Luggya, a spokesperson of UCAA told reporters that 37,415 people departed, 10,608 were in transit and the remaining 33,941 were arrivals.

Entebbe Airport resumed highly regulated commercial flight operations in October 2020.

UCAA data show passenger numbers have been fluctuating from month to month due to easing or imposition of global travel restrictions.

For example, figures show that passenger numbers grew from 42,633 in October 2020 to over 50,000 in the first four months of 2021.

In October, 23,867 of the passengers were arrivals, 15,461 were departing and 3,305 were in transit.

However, the passenger numbers spiked from 53,494 in January, 54,988 in February, 76,233 in March, and 85,054 in April.

The April figures excited the sector players before a Covid-19 second wave disrupted the sector.

The passenger numbers as a result of the measures dropped in May from 77,063 travelers to 75,472 passengers in June. The airport however recorded the lowest number of travelers in July, with 61,328 passengers.

The daily average of passengers thereby reduced to 1,978 compared to 5,412 passengers before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Uganda.

Though Uganda is still on the UK red list, with the easing of travel restrictions elsewhere, the passenger numbers have increased over the last four weeks.

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