EXCLUSIVE: Tension in State House as angry Museveni grills minister over kick backs



President Museveni is said to have questioned Kampala Minister for frustrating city makert leaders over kick backs (PHOTO /File).

KAMPALA — President Museveni has during a heated State House meeting grilled Kampala Minister Minsa Kabanda on allegations that she was soliciting kickbacks from city Market interim leaders, has learnt.

President Museveni had last month telephoned Minister Kabanda and grilled her in a lengthy conversation after he was briefed by security that the latter was against his directives on city makerts but was also frustrating vendors for kick backs.

And now it has emerged that during Tuesday’s meeting, Mr. Museveni ordered the Minister to explain why she was working against his guidance.

The Minister reportedly failed to explain as city makert leaders who were also part of the meeting continued to pin her in front of the the President.

“Why do you frustrate my people with kick backs? Why steal from the poor people? The people in markets there haven’t been working for two years now.
It is illegal to frustrate them. You ask for public resources to your selves like this,” the President is quoted as telling the minister.

The sources who attended the meeting said at this moment, the minister went silent for some time before Mr. Museveni shot up again and said ‘it is unacceptable to go against my guidence.”

Sources added that Mr. Museveni insisted on the matter but Minister was unable to provide a convincing answer to the President.

On guidance of Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka, Mr. Museveni extended the tenure of interim leadership in the public markets till February 2022 or as soon as Market Ordinance is set in place.

President Museveni insisted that city makerts are owned by government and are to be managed by Kampala City Council Authority.

He said all market revenue collections shall be regulated by KCCA Market Ordinance

Mr. Museveni said all non licenced street vending is illegal and must be cleared off the streets to promote the formal economy in shops and markets.

He also ordered KCCA to provide Market masters for each public Market to oversee utilities and other administrative concerns.

Museveni said each Market will run a Vendors’ Association and will elect their own leaders to promote their welfare.



  1. Grace Nyesigire

    03/11/2021 at 7:59 AM

    Minister kabanda should go away and live Kampala, His. Excellence help us to take away that woman, she is a thief

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