Facebook bans a massive network of bloggers that were spreading pro-NRM propaganda ahead of Uganda general elections

Blogger Ashburg Kato has been banned from using Facebook (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA — Facebook has shut down a large network of progovernment accounts spreading propaganda ahead of Uganda general polls

In an unusual twist, all the bogus accounts and pages banned by Facebook were owned by regime enforcers and propagandists who have been threatening violence and spreading lies.

Those affected by the massive shutdown include Duncan Abigaba of GCIC, blogger Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Fullfiger, events promoter Bajjo and Isma Olaxess and Duncan Abigaba.

Other pages include ChimpReports, Dickens Okello of ChimpReports among others.

On Facebook, the account owners typically posted propaganda and often threatened violence other content in breach of Facebook rules.

Blogger Janiffer Full figure has also been blocked on Facebook

Twitter rules explicitly prohibits violence and harmful propaganda and those who break those rules can be removed from the site.

Also this week, Twitter deleted a tweet from Bebe Cool that showed private data of Bobi Wine children and warned it would permanently lock his account of he repeats the same.

The tweet included screenshots of Bobi Wine children that was unprofessional leaked by Immigration staff at Entebbe Airport on Wednesday.

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