Family Festival: Dr. Hyun Jin Moon Roots for African Extended Family Values

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon speaking at Kololo Independence ceremonial grounds

The Chairman Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon has called upon all Ugandans to embrace and own up his vision of ‘One family under God’ as a catalyst for change and transformation of the entire African continent and the rest of the world.

This was during his moving speech at the first ever inter-religious family festival organised by the Inter-religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) in partnership with Global Peace Foundation and government at Kololo Independence ceremonial grounds in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.

Dr. Moon said that there is a great movement to sanctify the truth of marriage and family which is beyond any religious tradition based upon an African renaissance that must begin with a greater spiritual awakening.

“For all great things happen with a great spiritual awakening. And that great awakening is that we have to be the owners of the vision of one family under God; thus, we need to start a movement that sanctifies and glorifies the ideal of marriage, the ideal of family, as an absolute truth,” Dr. Moon said.

Dr. Moon told the over 20, 000 people gathered in Kololo that one of the key things that makes the Global Peace Foundation and its message as well as its interfaith track so significant and different from all the interfaith tracks of the past, is that it recognizes that there are universal truths embedded in all the religious traditions, that no one religion has the province over truth and that God inspired all the religious traditions of the world.

“Based upon universal principles and values, people of faith, of all backgrounds, of all pretensions, can come together and identify and glorify God by uplifting His ideas in the world around us. And the greatest and the most significant of those ideals is family,” Dr. Moon said.

Dr. Moon noted that it is clear that the West especially the developed nations don’t understand the importance of traditional extended families which are still held in high esteem in Africa.

“You Africans with a beautiful extended family tradition, you have not abandoned God and you still want to hold true to the eternal principles, universal principles, upon which God created mankind for,” Moon said.

He added that, “I want to dream that the beginning of that blessed movement that sanctifies the ideal of marriage will start here in the heartland of Africa, the nation of Uganda that sits on the greatest lake on this continent, that represents the womb of Africa, that a new rebirth can happen upon this continent based upon a new vision of one family under God.”

Dr. Moon called upon the people to rise up and own the vision of one Family under God which great awakening can spark a renaissance across the entire landmass of the continent and eventually inspire the West, who have lost their Judeo-Christian heritage and have abandoned God.

Dr. Moon together with Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni later signed a family Vision Statement for an African Renaissance.


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