NTV’s Nakazibwe back to school, bags Victoria University scholarship

Faridah in class at Victoria University

KAMPALA – NTV news anchor media personality Faridah Nakazibwe, has been confirmed as the latest ambassador of Victoria University Kampala, days after sharing her class experience at the same University.

Word from the those familiar with the deal say that that Faridah is back to class to polish her mathematics skills.

According to University website, Campus Bee, despite Faridah’s skillset in news anchoring, her mathematics can do far much better and this her friends can attest to.

Ambassadorial roles at Victoria University often come with educational offers as the ambassadors are given chance to get back to class and study a subject of their choice. Faridah Nakazibwe opted for Mathematics.

In a tweet, Faridah confessed that her matter evaporated at the sight of a test that had been given towards the end of her qualitative methods class.

“All those close to me can know how calculations and I don’t rhyme but Dr Sezi made Quantitative methods and Decision-making Techniques seem like my favorite primary lessons (English). Problem is when he later gave a test, matter evaporated,” Faridah confessed.

Faridah Nakazibwe, an alumnus of IUIU, was recently announced as Victoria University’s brand ambassador, joining the long list of celebrities that have taken up the duty so far.

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