FDC dismisses ties with Museveni as media findings link top officials to secret dealings

FDC leaders have denied ties with President Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Days after featuring in screaming newspaper headlines putting them to account for how they have successfully hobnobbed with a person they purport to be opposition, the former opposition leaders dubbed Forum for Democratic Change have rebutted to the public concerns.

Speaking from the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the FDC Deputy spokesperson, John Kikonyogo particularly opposed the findings by The Observer paper which in an exclusive report disclosed how the party has financially sustained their 2020 year struggle.

In the findings, the FDC big wigs were implicated in backdoor politics as many have all along turned the opposition into a gig.

The Observer had also claimed that the FDC has been sourcing all its wealth directly from the state, with some of the candidates reportly funded by Gen. Salim Saleh.

The paper also claimed that Harold Kaija, the deputy party secretary General had also graduated with a Master’s degree in economics on a State House scholarship.



We have read with grave concern allegations leveled against the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in the observer news paper issue of June 2-8 under a shouting headline article, ‘How Museveni Infiltrated FDC’, and wish to state that the story is devoid of supported facts, rife with allegations and totally misleading. We therefore would like to put the record straight as follows:

The electoral cycle as provided for by the constitution and related electoral laws is well cut out for all political actors as individuals and/or groups/organizations.

The FDC which has been in existence for 17 years now has participated in all elections (2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021)from the time of reintroduction of multiparty politics in Uganda

To do this FDC has at all times prepared and participated inspite of all the legal, administrative and military deterrents constructed to undermine the Party’s effective participation, leading to successful elections supported through effective raising of funds.


Decisions of the party which are binding to all members are made through its organs which include Management Committee(MC), National Executive Committee (NEC), National Council(NC)and the National Delegates Conference (NDC) in order of rising hierarchical importance.

It is these organs among other responsibilities that decide on whether the party should participate in any election, what level of elections the party can engage in and the lines of financing that can be adopted.


I wish to confirm that in the case of the 2021 elections, NEC in its various sittings authorized raising of funds for electioneering purposes through the following channels:

Government funding for political parties under the Political Organizations Act as amended (to the extent the law allows).

FDC has made annual returns of all its finances and sources to the Electoral Commission diligently and professionally.

Members contributionCandidates contributionsWell wishers donationsBusiness community fundingDiaspora Chapters donationsCredit through institutions and individuals (FDC is credit worthy).

We also accept donations in kind.


It is our practice not to disclose our funders other than the obviously known government contribution. This is because it is in the best interest of our funders to remain anonymous given the hostile political environment in which we operate.

FDC finances and indebtedness are part of the ongoing political discourse at the disposal of public scrutiny as required by law, but we have a responsibility to protect our Well wishers. FDC continues to survive and weather all hostile activities against the party, the leadership, the membership and supporters.


We therefore want to state categorically that we as a party have not received neither recorded any funds through the source that the Observer would like the public to believe.

We are inclined to believe that the Observer newspaper source of information was either inaccurate or malicious or both and challenge the paper to reveal their source of information if for the sole purpose of putting the record straight.

We are aware of the numerous political battles that we as a party have to fight and hope this is not one of the media onslaughts that we have suffered over the last three years. Enhanced propaganda designed to disparage the Party will not deter, divert and/or achieve its sole purpose of sowing political discord.

As FDC we uphold transparency as a virtue and will lead the way at all times to practice zero tolerance for corruption in our party.

John Kikonyogo, FDC Deputy Spokesperson.

Issued at Najjanankumbi, Kampala

3rd June, 2021.

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