Final presidential results tally puts Bobi Wine at 35%

Museveni Bobi Wine

More than his two previous challengers for the presidency, Yoweri Museveni has found Bobi Wine a harder pill to swallow (PHOTO/Filter)

KAMPALA — Results of the final tally of January 14 presidential election have given NUP candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, 35.08% of the total votes cast, while the winner, Yoweri Museveni of NRM remained at 58.38%.

The final results, published by the Electoral Commission on Thursday, 28 January 2021, two weeks after the election, are compiled from the total number of thirty-three thousand four hundred and sixty-one (33,461) polling stations, which account for 96.47% of the total number of polling stations (34,684) across the country.

According to the final results, Bobi Wine got 3,631,437 votes while Museveni got 6,042,898. FDC’s Patrick Amuriat got 337,589 votes (3.26%).

Bobi Wine had initially garnered 34.8 per cent against Museveni’s 58.6 per cent.

The Commission says the results of eighty-three (83) polling stations, with a total number of fifty-four thousand three hundred and fifty-seven (54,357) registered voters, were not included in the final tally due to various reasons that include allegations of ballot stuffing, that gave rise to violence and destruction of the voting materials at the polling station; grabbing of polling materials during the polling process; grabbing of polling materials during the counting process, including envelopes containing elections results forms; and Declaration of Results (DR) Forms missing in the results envelopes and the metallic black box.

“A copy of the summary of the Presidential Elections Results, the City/District summary tally sheet, and a soft copy of the tally sheet of results per Polling Station, has been provided to all Presidential Candidates,” the EC says.

Final presidential results tally puts Bobi Wine at 35%

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