Fort Portal Catholic Diocese seeks UGX. 1b to organise this year’s Martyrs Day celebrations

Fort Portal Catholic Diocese Bishop Robert Muhirwa (Center) with the organizing committee of the Uganda Martyrs (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Fort Portal Catholic Diocese has appealed to Christians and all well-wishers for support as they seek to raise Shs1 billion which is needed to host the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations at Namugongo on June 3, 2022.

Fort Portal Diocese Bishop Robert Muhirwa in a press release issued on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, announced that he has appointed Tourism minister Tom Butime and his Agriculture counterpart Frank Tumwebaze, under the coordination of Dr. Patrick Birungi, to mobilize for the diocese among the Kampala audience.

“A detailed budget of UGX 1 billion has been developed and approved to help in the mobilization and collection of funds,” he said, appealing to Christians for support.

“The task is enormous and demands serious preparations on the spiritual level and material level to profit from the pilgrimage to Namugongo whose purpose is eminently spiritual, the material dimension notwithstanding,” he added.

On February 14, 2022, Uganda Episcopal Conference selected Fort Portal Catholic Diocese to lead this year’s Uganda Martyrs’ Day celebrations at Namugongo Catholic Shrine.

According to Bishop Muhirwa, a Steering Committee headed by Fr. Charles Oyo and deputized by Dr. Patrick Birungi has also been selected to lead the preparations.

“We also have other subcommittees that are working in tandem with the steering committee, e.g., liturgy, finance, protocol and security, catering, transport, construction and decoration, finance and others,” he said.

He added that they also have other subcommittees that are working in tandem with the steering committee, such as liturgy, finance, protocol and security, catering, transport, construction and decoration, and finance.

“We have sought the Government’s guidance on the nature of the celebrations. Although they have not yet responded to our request, we are optimistic that they will allow us to have a full blast of the celebrations. Several letters of appeal have been written to our diocesan parishes and other bodies about the same cause,” the Bishop explained.

He said a choir of about 200 hundred members has been selected, and they are starting practices this weekend.

On May 1, 2022, he said he will celebrate Mass with KEJI FODA, a group of Christians from Fort Portal Diocese living in Kampala at Kitante Primary School to gauge the process, and on May 2, 2022, the diocese shall have a fundraising dinner in Kampala to solicit funds for the celebrations

This year’s celebration shall be held under the theme, “Baptized and Sent to Witness Christ with Love and Hope (Mt. 28:19, Rom. 8:35)”.

“Dear brothers and sisters, this theme inspires and invites us as Ugandans especially in these post COVID tough times to witness our faith with love and hope everywhere in our individual lives, families, institutions, and our government.

We are going through so many socio-economic challenges of sicknesses, unemployment, poverty, death, among others. Some people have even lost hope. As Christians and Ugandans, we need to be inspired by our martyrs. They faced several hardships, especially when the missionaries had run to Tanzania. They kept the faith and succeeded,” Bishop Muhirwa said.

The contributions can be deposited into the diocese bank account with CENTENARY BANK, Fort Portal Branch, with the following account details:

Bank: Centenary
A/c Name: Fort Portal Diocese 2022 Uganda Martyrs Celebrations
A/c No.: 3203286953
Branch: Fort Portal
Mobile Money: On Airtel Money No. 0753 503 354 and MTN Mobile Money No. 0771 963 204, (Both lines in the name of Robert K. Muhiirwa).

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