FRESHER’s GUIDE: How to change a course at Makerere University

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The Academic Registrar of Makerere University has issued guidelines to freshers on how to change a course/subject.

(a) Change of Programme
Since selection for specific programmes was made according to each candidate’s performance and order of programme choices, taking into account the available subject combinations and time-table limitations, there is normally little need to change the programme or subjects. However, some places become vacant when some of the students admitted do not take up the offers. Such places are filled through the change of programme/subjects. Change of programme will be online.

Each student who may wish to change his/her programme/subjects is required to pay an application fee Shs.6,000/=.

(b) Change of Subjects
Students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or the College of Education and External Studies may wish to change their subjects. Change of Subjects will be done online on
payment of Shs.6,000.
Students should be aware that changing one subject may result in a change of School. Before students apply to change their programmes, School and Subjects, they are encouraged to seek advice on the cut-off point(s) for programmes, requirements for specific subjects and possible subject combinations.

Students are notified and warned that changing a programme or transferring to another subject or School without proper authority will lead to discontinuation from the University.
A student who has been permitted to change his/her programme or subject(s) is issued with a letter stating so, and on receipt of such a letter that student should complete the ACCEPTANCE FORM and
return a copy to the Undergraduate Admissions and Records Office (Room 303), the former and the new College/School and ICT Office (Level 6, Room 615) Senate Building.

The change of programme/subjects will be done online from Monday 1st February, 2021 to Friday 8th February, 2021.
N.B: It is advisable that only those students who meet the cut-off points for the desired programmes may apply.

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