Friday reopening plans go up in flames as Uganda House in Nairobi is torched

Uganda House in Nairobi engulfed in flames as protests turn violent. Photo shows the building’s first floor ablaze, with smoke billowing into the air. The newly renovated building was scheduled to reopen on Friday, June 28, 2024. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

NAIROBI, KENYA – Uganda House, a commercial building in Nairobi’s Central Business District, was vandalized and set ablaze on June 25, 2024, amid protests in Kenya. The building, which was scheduled to reopen on June 28, 2024, after renovations, suffered extensive damage.

“The Government of Uganda condemns in the strongest terms the violence that led to the destruction of property and potential loss of lives,” said Vincent Bagiire Waiswa, Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Ugandan Government. “We support peaceful demonstrations as a democratic right, but we will not tolerate violence that puts lives and property at risk.”

According to Bagiire, the building was newly refurbished and was slated to reopen on Friday, June 28, 2024. “We regret the incident that led to the destruction of the property, but we are grateful that there are no reported fatalities or serious injuries,” he said.

Bagiire commended the Nairobi Fire Department for extinguishing the fire and expressed gratitude that there were no reported fatalities or serious injuries. “We urge calm and restraint, and discourage speculation and premature conclusions, allowing for investigations into the matter,” he said.

The Government of Uganda has reiterated that relations with the Government and people of Kenya remain solid. “We will continue to work together with our Kenyan counterparts to promote peace and stability in the region,” Bagiire said.


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