FROM THE MAT TO THE MATTRESS: The untold music journey of Prime Derick

Isabirye Derick stage name Prime Derick (PHOTO /Courtesy)

“……Every day is a struggle if you want to achieve something extraordinary. But anything extraordinary is also worth a struggle.” Prime Derick

Good afternoon to you!
Happy to have you in an exclusive interview with us @UgStandard. Your trusted source.

To begin with, tell us about yourself. Is Prime Derick your real name? Tell us about your background and upbringing.

…well, Prime Derick is my stage name but my real names are Isabirye Derick.

I was born in Jinja, Waalukuba West, raised by a single grandparent, I studied my primary school from two schools that was Walukuba West and finished from Buwenge Parents.

I attended my Ordinary level in three different secondary schools which are;  Hands of Grace Kinonyi, Kabowa High School and finished from Gloryland Christian College.

During my Advanced level, I attended St James College Jinja, St Kizito Secondary School Bugolobi and finished at Uphill College Mbuya.

I am currently persuing a Diploma in film and TV production at Africa Degital Media Institute(ADMI) in Nairobi.

I am a film director, film editor, Cinematographer and a script writer, I am signed at white River Records currently as a recoding artist and a song writer.

What inspired you to call yourself Prime Derick? Tell us about it, how did you come to it?

As Derick, I loved my name it being a name recieved out of love from my mother, I realized it would even be more legit if I added Prime to it since prime means the best, so that’s how I came up with Prime Derick as a creative name for myself.

It is really a humbling story that connects to the reality of our society.

What is music to you? Tell us about your love story with music?

Music has always been part of my life.
My earliest memories are defined by music and singing.

When people in my neighborhood would bring in the harvest, we would sing around the fire up to late in the night. I would also sing in Sunday School and people would appreciate me and encourage me to take on the music journey.

You see! I must say that my love journey with music is attributed to the humble encouragement and inspiration from people.

In other words, I am not only living the testimony of my talent and hard work but also a simple endless love of a people.

Through singing at Sunday school and the unwavering encouragement from people, I dusted up and embarked on the music journey.

I must say, talent is not good enough without a resting shoulder of a society.

People loved me and pushed me to take on the music challenge.

It has been a long journey for me.

From the kid singing in Sunday school who learned every new Madoxx Ssematimba and Bobi Wine song from radio when I got home.

I soon discovered western music and I look at Drake and Sean Paul in particular as having inspired me. Very inspiring story indeed!

What kind of music do you sing? How do you define it? What is unique about your music?

Personally, I do R&B and rap, my music is built upon my experience in life, as I see many stories that have not been told that could communicate and express one’s desires or mind.

So, Prime Derick. Some people listen to international music and get intimidated. Do you foresee doing better than international artists?

To begin with, what is international? Who defines what is international?

That is a big debate itself but let us spare it for another day.

Listening to other music from different artists, I have always been inspired but not limited. Their stories are worth appreciation.

Earlier this year I got a chance to make my international ambitions a reality. Filming a video for my first single “if you want some” in Kenya with Instagram star Wayua as the vixen.

The dance challenge was picked up by many of Kenya’s biggest influencers, including but not limited to @Dzireo, @Therastababy and @martinaglez. It was a bigger hit there than in Uganda.

Tell us about your latest song “Sikusaana” what is the story behind it?

I must say, it is more personal.

While the lyrics are about a guy telling a rich girl all he has to offer is his love, this girl responds in the negative “Sikusaana” meaning, “I don’t deserve you, you’re not my class” something like that.

For me, this song is for every youth whose potential is overlooked because they are from a tough background. It’s applicable to both genders.

In other words, what are you whispering to your funs?

Look, I am communicating a life story, it’s an everyday reality that most of us have experienced.

What I am saying is, if I can make this, anybody can.

Two years ago, I was struggling, still living in a slum. Now I have two singles out and an international management team.

“When we believe and struggle for what we believe in, everything is possible.”

What do you do outside music?

I am into a creative industry which involves film editing, camera operations and script writing in particular.

Are you engaged?

No but I am still looking for the perfect woman to light my fire.

What do you have to say to your funs? How can one reach you and your music?

I would love to thank especially people that have gladly read my interview and also my funs in Kenya, Uganda ,Tanzania and the rest of the world.

I am having many projects that am yet to deliver to you and I would not afford anyone missing out on them.

You can find me at:
IG: prime-derick
Twitter: @Prime Derrick1
YouTube: Prime Derick Official
FB: Prime Derick Official

A lawyer, an author and a guest writer @Ug Standard

[email protected]
Tel.+256 708157586 (WhatsApp)

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