Gen. Candia appointed new SFC Commandant

Brig Candia, the acting Commandant SFC (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Brig. Gen Peter Candia has been appointed acting commander Special Forces Command (SFC), a specialized command unit of the UPDF, that is responsible for the security of the President of Uganda, his immediate family, the constitutional monarchs and vital national installations, including the country’s oil fields.

Gen. Candia replaces Lt Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who has been SFC commander since December 2020 when he was appointed.

Prior to this new elevetion, Brig Gen Candia was the deputy Commander SFC.

The SFC is mandated to develop and operate a powerful and versatile special operations force that is situated within the unique Ugandan way of war and is responsive to the requirements of the UPDF and the nation.

What was originally the National Resistance Army (NRA’s) High Command Unit escort force, then later, Presidential Protection Unit, Presidential Guard Brigade and now the Special Forces Command has, over the course of many years, graduated from a V.I.P. Protection Force into a crucial component of the strategic defence structure of the country alongside the Reserve Forces Command

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