Gen. Tumwine thumped in army elections

Gen. Elly Tumwine has been defeated in army elections (PHOTO/File).

BOMBO — Gen Elly Tumwine who has represented the UPDF in Parliament since 1986 has been thrown out as soldiers voted in protest against old guards.

Gen Tumwine only managed 104 votes behind Gen David Muhoozi who got 335 votes, Gen James Mugira 239, Gen Katumba Wamala 224 votes and Gen. Peter Elwelu 218.

Others include Gen Andrew Guti 135 votes, Awany Charles Otema with 129 votes.

Gen. Tumwine who is famed for having fired the first bullet that set the war always has been on a collision path with some fellow legislators over how he irregularly acquired Nomo Gallery, a previously public facility, and turned it into his private venture.

But he has always pulled the “we fought to bring peace in this country” card to silence critics.

He was recently in the news over threatening fellow MPs in parliament but was narrowly let off the hook after a parliamentary investigation.

He was on news after he insisted that security officers have a right to shoot protesters “if they reach a certain level of violence.”

“If you threaten the lives of the security forces and the lives of the public, they have a right to shoot you. That is why they are armed with coercive weapons to make you fear committing crimes. So, if people don’t take that genuine and peaceful advice and want to gloss over it in chaos, they should go ahead,” he said.

Gen. Tumwine who doubles as a senior military officer of the UPDF and Minister of Security made the remarks in the wake of protests that left over 90 Ugandans shot dead by security forces including gun toting men in civilian clothes.

President Museveni officiated at the voting exercise held at UPDF land forces headquarters in Bombo

Among the elected MPs include the Chief of Defense Force (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi and the UPDF Commander Land Forces Lt General Peter Elwelu.

The other five slots for male representatives were taken by: Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, Lt Gen James Mugira, Maj Gen Henry Matsiko and Maj Gen Sam Kavuma.

Female slots were won by; Col Dr Victor Nekesa, Lt Col Charity Bainababo and Maj Dr Jennifer Alanyo.

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