GEORGE MUHIMBISE: 36 years, Uganda as a skeleton

George Muhimbise

George Muhimbise is a member of Alliance for National Transformation

This week, NRM celebrated it’s 36th anniversary. A friend of mine who used to be a fanatic supporter of NRM came to me complaining why the children were not schooling after his child was turned away at the gate.

Like many, this NRM supporter has since come to terms with reality that what was meant to be a fundamental change, later became a “no change, to fundamental no change, now to no change-paka last”!
Indeed like the Runyakirara adage goes, if it was a patient, the drug should be poured down because the patient has already died!

36 years, am not going to focus on the cooked and recycled figures that Museveni feeds on us, after all the a hawker who has been chased from Kampala or a boda boda who has been condemned by the state, they surely mean nothing!

To make long story short, Uganda is now a skeleton of what it used to be thanks to Gen, Museveni!

36 years ago, Uganda had Commercial Bank which was sold to Stanbic Bank at 30bn, today stands at a net worth of at 8000bn, but owned by foreigners!

36 years ago, Uganda Cooperative Bank & Uganda Airlines which had over 12 planes inclusion a Boeng 707, were canalized by NRM!

36 years ago Uganda was proud of Uganda railways, which stretched from Tororo to Kasese & Pakwach, even the rail scraps were stolen, in Kamwenge the then NRM chairman & Kamwenge mayor was caught transporting rail scraps using a town Council vehicle!

36 years ago we had Uganda People transport company which had over 200 buses from which students used to get free transport, Uganda coffee marketing Board that helped farmers, Post office Uganda which had over 200 delivery vans & branch buildings are all no where!.

36 years ago, Uganda had Dunlop Uganda limited which produced tyres & rubber products, Crocodile Company Ltd producing hoes, Pangas, knives, spears etc, Uganda farmers cooperative Unions like Banyankore Kweterana were all sold & money swindled.

36 years ago we boasted of Uganda dairy cooperation, Fuel Tank Reserves, Uganda Bata Shoe Company, Nile Breweries Ltd, East African Distilleries, Uganda American Insurance, Shell (U) Ltd, Lake Victoria Bottling Co. Ltd etc were all sold!

36 years ago, we were proud of Uganda Securiko Ltd, Agricultural Enterprises Ltd, Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd, TUMPECO Uganda ltd Uganda Fisheries service etc were all sold & money stolen!

36 years ago, we had Hotels including; Lira Hotel, Soroti Hotel, Hilltop Hotel Sheraton, Mountains of the Moon, Hotel Maghreta, Mt. Elgon Hotel, White Rhino Hotel, L.Victoria Hotel, Mweya Safari Lodge, Masindi Hotel, Apollo Hotel, Nile Hotel (now Serena) etc were all sold out cheaply!

36 years ago, we had Uganda Leather & Tanning, Uganda Meat Packers Ltd, Uganda Hardwares Ltd, Winits (U) Ltd(Dealing in cotton) were all sold by Museveni.

36 years ago we had big factories like Uganda Cement ltd which now includes (Tororo & Hima factories), Uganda Motors, African Textile Mills, Total (U) Ltd, NYTIL ltd, Fresh Foods Ltd, Foods & Beverages Ltd, African Ceramics Company, Uganda Pharmaceuticals Ltd were all sold by NRM.

36 years ago, we had Motorcraft & Sales, Uganda Crane Estates, Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd, Bank of Baroda, British American Tobacco (U) ltd, Uganda Clays ltd, Kakira Sugar Works, Uganda Garment Industries, Transocen (U) (operating Trailors across East Africa), Associated Match company were sold courtesy of Museveni!

36 years ago Ugandans had Rwenzori Highland Tea Company, Uganda Electricity Generation Co, Uganda Electricity Distribution, DFCU, National Insurance Corp, Uganda National Housing, Kinyara Sugar Factory were all eaten up! I can mention and mention!

So to the NRM people, you claim that government can’t do business, what about National water & sewerage Cooperation? What about Uganda Printing services? What about Uganda Airlines? What about Vision group?

You lie that Ugandans couldn’t manage business, who is running those businesses now? Aren’t they Ugandans?

So are you proud of this? That we now have Kenya commercial bank making money here? That UMEME is in charge of electricity & cheating Ugandans?

36 years, we are a skeleton, we were looted, we were plundered, we were left empty handed, Thanks Gen Museveni.

Muhimbise George. [email protected],+256787836515.

The author is member Alliance For National Transformation,

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