GEORGE MUHIMBISE: Gen Museveni, Who will avenge for Ugandans?

George Muhimbise

George Muhimbise is a member of Alliance for National Transformation

KAMPALA —Your Excellency, receive my warm greetings. I keenly followed your lecture to the judicial officials about tit-for-tat in which you emphasized the need to kill those who commit murder and other capital offenses.

Your Excellency, as if that was not enough, you went ahead to give us an example of your son Muhoozi, whom you named so as a way of preparing him to avenge for you in case something bad is done to you.

Your Excellency, if Muhoozi will avenge for you, who then will avenge for Ugandans?
Who will avenge for thousands of Ugandan landless taxpayers whose land was grabbed by the powerful and connected with the use of guns purchased by the same taxpayers?

Who will avenge for the hundreds of the people of Kasese who were murdered by UPDF soldiers?

Who will avenge for the senior government officials like Kayiira, Kaweesi, Kirumira, whose killers have never been apprehended?

Who will avenge for the innocent Muslim sheiks who have been assassinated, and the many Muslims who have been arrested and tortured over trumped-up charges?

Who will avenge for the hundreds who died in Luweero in order for you to ascend to power, and to date their families still complain for not being compensated?

Who will avenge for the Acholi who were killed in northern Uganda or the Iteso who were burned in Mukula and whose wounds have never healed todate?

Who will avenge for the hundreds of young people, mostly Baganda, who were killed during the Kayunga riots of 2009, or the peaceful protestors of walk-to-work in 2011, and the November 2020 murders when Ugandans protested the illegal arrest of Robert Kyagulanyi?

Who will avenge for the hundreds of Ugandans who were arrested by security agencies, bundled in drone cars and pickups and tortured for months?

Who will avenge for Yasin Kawuma, Ritah Nabukenya, Dan Kyeyune and others whose lives were lost at the hands of security officials, leaving their families suffering?
Who will avenge for the political leaders who have been dehumanized and tortured?

Who will avenge for our journalists who have been severely beaten, their gadgets destroyed even when they are doing their professional work and within the law?

Who will avenge for Ugandans for the trillions of shillings that have been squandered by regime cronies, bootlickers and sycophants while Ugandans wallow in poverty, with no access to health care or education opportunities?

Who will avenge for the families of soldiers who have died on foreign land in your military adventures often not sanctioned by parliament?

Your Excellency, if it is avenging, there is a lot that you and your family owe Ugandans. But we in the Alliance for National Transformation believe that an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind; so we don’t believe in vengeance.

We believe in dialogue and reconciliation. We believe in peace, not violence. We believe in unity in diversity, not divide and rule; transparency, and not deceit; honesty, and not deception; love, and not hate; nation-building, and not a monarch building; state, not family rule; and a democracy, and not a dictatorship.

Gen Museveni, allow us to build this country together. Allow us to dialogue for Uganda. Allow us to manage our affairs. Allow us a peaceful transition. We shall be grateful.

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The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation

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