GIDEON NKURUNUNGI: Data the emerging development kit in digital marketing, e-commerce

GIDEON NKURUNUNGI: In pursuit of an effective B2B and B2C digital marketing strategy Gideon Nkurunungi is a Content Technology Consultant, a Chief Technical Officer at IMPACT driving the overall vision and strategy for IMPACT Outsourcing Ltd, and other subsidiaries (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Gideon Nkurunungi is a Content Technology Consultant, a Chief Technical Officer at IMPACT driving the overall vision and strategy for IMPACT Outsourcing Ltd, and other subsidiaries (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Covid-19 pandemic made a huge impact on the businesses throughout the globes, palaver with me, allow me not go through the normal prose but rather defang the old wolf by letting you know that we are currently researching on applying Artificial Intelligence in securing eCommerce sites in Africa due to the dire need to monitor user behavior and thus predict security risks of the same. Why start with security? Look, the reason why many businesses have failed to adopt online transactions is the quintessential threat of scammers and spammers available online, ever cunning and looking for gaps to exploit

All stakeholders ie consumers and businessmen are asking for is a chance to gaze at online transactions from the perch of not being one of those rubes in the audience gasping at the magic of tricks setup in their absence. They deserve to know that our platforms are safe and secure or else we are headed for an arduous capital-intensive crawl letting people know about the need to trust online banking and eCommerce transactions. 

We need to base our competitive advantage on secure, fast deliveries and automated business processes that can hold up under scrutiny. This should be the backbone of our eCommerce engagements In order to buy more latitude, eCommerce players have to go beyond the conventional methods used to advertise but rather rely on more dynamic approaches. 

A research paper by Dr. Ioan Matei PURCĂREA (Digital Marketing and Ecommerce in the Digital Neo-Economy, Discovering by Learning in the New Era of Innovation, and Re-engaging the Marketing Team ) stated the fact that there is no doubt that businesses need to continually adapt and evolve, including from the point of view of advanced analytic approaches like the concept promoted by Analytic Partners (a recognized global leader in measurement and optimization) which extends to the methodologies used for analytics and measurement, going beyond traditional Unified Measurement (top-down Marketing Mix Modeling/MMM combined with bottom-up MultiTouch Attribution/MTA) for a more valuable approach.

In the case of China, different communication characteristics coexist despite the fact that they frequently contradict each other. Implicitness is a common feature in Chinese communication and symbolism is often used. Ths we have seen became imported in this market that has a huge mistrust of online shopping and also the fact that Chinese marketing models and intent defer from African Markets, hence the need to engage marketing teams on a regular basis to refine marketing strategies and approaches or else the cost of advertising in the short and long run might not reconcile with the ROI. (Returns On Investment)

The point is, we are on a precipice of the very kind of success very few entrepreneurs have but we have created an obstruction between ourselves and that success due to the alienation of ourselves from the quest to understand how Chinese consumers react to advertisements’ messages, context must be examined. 

In order to wrest control of our markets, as argued by Gartner, marketing teams need to be agile and collaborative (based on customer insight, marketing technology, data analytics, etc.) so as to right action with regard to both frequent marketplace disruptions, and constantly changing customer expectations, what involves constantly nurturing marketing expertise and soft skills.

Content Technology Experts are important storytellers so allow me to weave you a yarn, there are several lessons that can be taken from this e-commerce marketing journey but one I can draw is this: build your eCommerce with data as a development kit to be the guide to marketing teams and thus make more informed decisions as in your digital marketing efforts.

I also propose we brush away the dust from the reticle of our scopes and aim at addressing customer pain, we need to feel their pain so that our reverie doesn’t snowball further errors.

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