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GODFREY KABBYANGA: Oh yes! 1000 and then more declare Kasese as NRM

As I pen these thoughts of mine, our people in Busongora South are nearly done with choosing who from a field of 6 is deserving to be their representative in our 11th Parliament. This election is as a result of the court’s cancellation of the January 2021 Busongora South vote for Member of Parliament.

That the National Resistance Movement and our flag bearer Mr. Gideon Thembo Mujungu will emerge victorious in this election is not in doubt. It is not in doubt because we have run a sober, issues based campaign. In all our meetings with the people, we rejected the cynicism of both Forum for Democratic Change – FDC and National Unity Platform.

Our meetings provided us with an opportunity to speak to the challenges that our communes within the diversity of Busongora South and in Kasese face. These meetings brought to the fore the agenda of the National Resistance Movement to Secure All the Futures’ of our People. This agenda is clearly spelled out in our 2021 -2026 manifesto overwhelmingly embraced by the people of Uganda when we voted for President Museveni and the National Resistance Movement in January 2021.

Nothing will derail the program of the NRM to continue our journey to cause Socio-economic Transformation by building an independent, integrated, modern and self-sustaining economy. This I believe because, as we pointed out to the people of Muhokya, Kahokya, Lake Katwe, Karusandara, Nyakabingo, Kitabu, Mitibiiri, Busunga, Kabiriizi and in all the other places were we convened, not even 2 years of Covid and the unfortunate war in Ukraine have stopped our economy from passing the threshold to become a middle income status.

One of my favorite Spiritual hymns proclaims ‘O for a thousand tongues to sing, My great Redeemer’s praise, the glories of my god and King, the triumphs of His grace …’! Its author – Charles Wesley – wrote it as an expression of his own experience of God’s glory. It implores, in its sixth stanza – “Hear him, ye deaf; His praise, your loosened tongues employ..”

And therefore, as Wesley did, I implored all people to ignore the deceit of our political opposition. This deceit included the outrageous lie of NUP’s candidate to the people of Karusandara that their mother land title – held in trust for them by Uganda Law Commission – and handed to them by Hon. Judith Nabakooba following our plea to her and authorised by H.E. Museveni was a fake. Imagine!!

This deceit included the unfortunate insinuation by those purporting to be friends of His Majesty Wesley Mumbere to the people of Kitabu and Kahokya, that he was unwell. Nothing could be further from the truth. And I remain grateful to His Majesty for refusing to associate with these liars. Like his father before him, HM desires his people to embrace education. He desires for his people to embrace our Parish Development Model – PDM. PDM will bring the 24% of Kasese’s 757,269 people still in the subsistence agriculture sector – erikolera enda nyisa – into the formal money economy by empowering them to embrace commercial agriculture.

Oh yes! 1000 tongues and more did hear H.E. Jessica Alupo and our Premier Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja proclaim that this government understands the challenges of water in all our sub counties. Indeed this challenge is already being addressed by National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

Oh yes! 1000 tongues and more in Lake Kawe and Karusandara sub Counties did proclaim that they heard our Western Region Vice Chairperson – the Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi declare that soon the electric wire fence being erected around the expanse of Queen Elizabeth National Park to deter wild game from encroaching on their gardens and homes, would soon be complete.

Oh yes! Kasese continues to experience economic development. Our sons and daughters are coming back from distant lands and investing in Kasese. If you doubt me, speak to Dr. Nathaniel Walemba and Dr. Mary Maurice Nalwoga who recently received a Licence from the National Council Of Higher Education to run and operate Rwenzori International University.
Reader! As you are aware, peace and security are an absolute must if any economy is to enjoy prosperity of any sort. And this government has the enviable reputation of restoring Peace and Security for all. This government has made a solemn vow, that Peace and Security of Uganda and our neighborhood are a priority.

This is why, just 1 year after being sworn into office for a 6th term, president Museveni has been at the forefront of championing the Democratic Republic of Congo’s admittance into our thriving East African Community.
In one year, president Museveni and H.E. Felix Tshisekedi have presided over the launching of construction of modern road infrastructure connecting Uganda to Goma and other areas of Eastern DRC.
In one year, our Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces and their Congolese counterparts the FARDC have partnered to route the ADF and all anti Uganda forces from DRC.

All these are strategic interventions that have direct benefit for Kasese and Uganda. Our people know this.

And now, in peace, they cast their ballots opting for the National Resistance Movement and Gideon Thembo Mujungu.

The Writer hails from Kasese and is State Minister at Ministry of Information, Communication Technologies and National Guidance

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