Government blame Kandiho sanctions on NUP

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi (PHOTO /Courtesy)

The NRM government Minister for information and national guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has pelted heaps of blames at the opposition National Unity Platform party for inspiring the sanctions imposed on the CMI chief Abel Kandiho.

Baryomunsi in a retaliatory statement retorts that NUP has ‘misled’ the would-be allies of the government of Uganda. He says as a government they have observed a tendency of NUP supporters who have made it a hobby to commit the greatest deal of their schedule tweeting and posting what he calls ‘photoshopped and concocted’ images attributing them to security forces.

“These people spend their time editing graphical photos which they post on social media and claim that it is a government that violates the rights of citizens,” Baryomunsi says. “This is very wrong. It is for that matter that as a cabinet, we are working around the clock to initiate laws that shall regulate social media users. Ugandans are misusing the freedom we gave them,” Baryomunsi explains further.

Meanwhile, the UPDF spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso insists that the army shall appeal against the US decision to impose sanctions on their top brass commander Abel Kandiho. Byekwaso says Kandiho is a ‘dedicated serving officer’ who deserves a ‘fair hearing’ from an ally nation like the United States of America.

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