Government struggles to explain how stranded Ugandans were left in Afghanistan

Stranded people chasing down a US evacuation plane (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Foreign Affairs Ministry is struggling to explain the circumstances under which Ugandan nationals in Afghanistan failed to make it to Kabul airport for evacuation.

According to reports, some Ugandans were left stranded in Afghanistan as Ugandan authorities evacuated up to 51 Afghan refugees on a chartered flight to Entebbe International airport.

The Afghan refugees, who include women, men and children landed in Uganda on Wednesday morning, according to a statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are said to have undergone all the necessary security screening including testing for Covid-19.

Currently, countries around the world are rushing to evacuate their nationals because the extremist Taliban, who have seized power in Afghanistan, have launched a door-to-door hunt for people they believe were serving the toppled government or not adhering to Sharia Law.

But it has shocked the public that Ugandans stranded in the war-torn country could not make it back.

A statement released by Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that the Ugandans, who were supposed to return with the same flight, were unable to make it due challenges of accessing the airport.

“Arrangements are being made to bring them in the subsequent flight,” says the ministry, adding that, “Details of subsequent arrivals will be communicated in due course.”

The ministry also says that hosting Afghan refugees follows a request from the US after the take over of Afghanistan by extremist Taliban group.

“The decision to host those in need, is informed by the Government of Uganda’s consistent policy of receiving refugees and persons in distress as well as playing responsible role in matters of International concern,” reads part of the statement.

But some Ugandans think that the swift evacuation of only the Afghans could have been motivated by the money that the US promised to give to Uganda.

It should be remembered that recently, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Esther Anyakun, said that the Joe Biden administration promised to give money to Uganda once they host Afghan refugees.

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