Govt Chief Whip Tayebwa puts Daily Monitor on notice over ‘defamatory story’

Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa’s lawyers have put Daily Monitor on notice over a “defamatory story” suggesting that he recruited biological children and other close relatives into his new office.

Daily Monitor claimed that Government Chief Whip Tayebwa has at least four of about 25 staff in his office filled with persons having close links with him.

Tayebwa has dismissed the claims and wants Daily Monitor to immediately cease any further “false publications of such stories against him, remove the same from all their platforms and issue an apology within seven days or they face legal action.

Tayebwa, in a September 20, letter through his lawyers, Ortus Advocates has denied any wrongdoing, saying that the story is full of false, defamatory, destructive, and replete with downright fabrications “which you fully know to be untrue, thereby exposing your liability for damages.”

He says he is not in any way involved in the recruitment and appointment of staff in Parliament.

He claims the story by Daily Monitor is full of shocking, reckless, and defamatory statements and constitutes liable and that he “is quite frankly dismayed by the depth and outright lies published with the aim of tarnishing his name and misleading the public as to his integrity and candour for your material nefarious benefit.”

“We accordingly demand you immediately cease any further false publication against Hon Tayebwa, remove the statement from all your platforms, publically apologies and confirm you will not in future publish such statements again”.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the apology must be clear, succinct, and approved by us and with the same prominence as the defamatory.

“Failure to do so within 7 days will leave Ho. Tayebwa with no option but to pursue all available actions and remedies against you personally,” the legal notice added.

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