Govt, Church join conservationists to save environment


Minister for Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — The minister of Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris says his ministry is engaging Parliament to push through legislation that bans the use of plastic bags and puts major restrictions on the importation of second hand cars.

Speaking to reporters in Kampala, Mr. Cheptoris said these are just some of the measures that the ministry hopes will help curb the long term destruction of the environment.

“As the NRM Government gears up for the next five years, this is provides a momentous opportunity for further prioritization of environmental and the sustainable development agenda at the forefront of all Government programs,” he said.

He added: “As a Ministry, we tried to avoid the importation of old vehicles but there was a debate in parliament until they accepted cars older than 15 years to be imported, vehicles that are supposed to be in the museum.”

In a similar vein the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Steven Kaziimba Mugalu has called on every Ugandan to plant trees and families should plant a special tree for each child they bring into the world.

“Let’s adopt the act of planting trees to make Uganda green. It’s now mandatory to plant trees at church functions like confirmation, baptism, weddings among others and I urge church leaders to plant trees on every occasion they go to,” he said.

Dr. Kaziimba accused mankind of turning the planet into a “polluted wasteland full of debris” and said “we are already experiencing loss of life and livelihoods because of intensified storms, the shortage of fresh water, the spread of disease and rising food prices due to the poor harvests.”

He asked people to reflect on a society that lacked concern for social exclusion or the destruction of nature. He called for consumers to modify their modern lifestyle by reducing waste, planting trees and separating rubbish.

Kaziimba also urged political and business leaders to stop thinking of short-term gains and work for the common good while taking steps to resolve the environmental catastrophe.

“As the Church, we continue to rally all God fearing Ugandans to Speak out for Nature and take actions for nature recovery. These are deeds that the almighty God will reward”.

David Duli, the World Wide Fund for nature Country Director whose organization is spearheading nature recovery fears that people have become so much addicted to single-use or disposable plastic — with severe environmental consequences”.

“We need to slow the flow of plastic at its source, but we also need to improve the way we manage our plastic waste”.

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