Govt phases out old motor vehicle logbooks

Logbooks Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, the Minister of Works and Transport (MoWT) has confirmed that government degazetted all old logbooks (blue and pink) and replaced them with the sealed white simple ones.

Gen. Katumba says the development is aimed at easing the ministry’s journey of digitizing vehicle registration.

He said the new logbooks will too be replaced by a smart card which will have all information of the vehicle owner.

“With effective from today, I degazette these log books and ask the owners of the vehicles who have them to come and we transfer their information to new ones,” he said.

“This is done to ensure that we have a credible reliable database of vehicles, to ensure a robust registration,” he added.

Meanwhile, government transferred the administration and management of the Motor Vehicle Registration function from URA to MoWT

In the new arrangement, mandate to register and license motor vehicles in Uganda has been put under the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Speaking at the handover function in Kampala recently, URA Commissioner General John Musinguzi Rujoki said the transfer of motor vehicle administration to the Ministry of Works is intended to improve service delivery to the public.

“The licencing function has over the years undergone many improvements starting with the Motor Vehicle Information System (MOVIS) in 1998 system which dealt with the lengthy and manual elements of MV registration,” he said.

“In 2014, there were further process improvements and role expansion of the Headquarter Service Office. The roles included collecting and accounting ONTR for motor vehicle related matters like registration, deregistration, transfers, motor vehicle modifications etc,” he added.

Mr Musinguzi said motor vehicle licensing will improve further through the joint development and implementation of integration capabilities of the various systems, including the interface between motor vehicle records archiving system, e-Tax system, ASYCUDA world, e- platform service desk system, client queue management system and the automated licensing system.

URA in the interim will remain responsible for motor vehicle customs clearance and first time registration (Issue of first time number plates for newly imported motor vehicles).

During this transition URA will continue to offer technical support to the MoWT and jointly continue to update the public on every available information.

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1 Comment

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