UPDATE: Govt sets dates for schools reopening

Medical schools across the country will be reopened starting with finalists on Friday, August 13 bringing the date date from the 30 August earlier announced, the National Council for Higher Education has clarified.

The announcement comes a week after both Cabinet and the national taskforce kayed the reopening of medical schools, three months after they were closed following the outbreak of the second covid-19 wave.

According to a circular issued on August 4  to the Head of the Medical Institutions and signed by the Chairperson of the NCHE Prof Mary Okwakol, the medical Schools have been allowed to reopen in staggering manner so as not to put the students at a risk of contracting Coronavirus.

Prof Okwakol said that all learners and teachers and are expected to be vaccinated before reporting back to their respective institutions and those who will have not got the vaccination jab will get it on arrival at the school.

Prof Okwakol also noted that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) must be followed and the students must procure their own face masks to be used while at school.

President Museveni last week asked the two ministries to work out a plan to reopen the medical schools since the learners there are needed to be part and percil of the essential health worker needed to work in health facilities.

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