GreenTech giant – Agilitee launches Africa’s first self charging electric vehicle

GreenTech giant - Agilitee launches Africa’s first self charging electric vehicle

GreenTech giant – Agilitee launches Africa’s first self charging electric vehicle

Africa’s number one Electric Vehicles Manufacturer, AI and GreenTech Giant Agilitee has finally unveiled Africa’s first self-charging full electric car in Africa.

In February 2022 the company announced that it would release this car later in the year, the green revolution pioneer kept its promise and delivered on it this week. The car was released on Wednesday this week at 17:00 in Johannesburg at one of the warehouses of Agilitee in Johannesburg.

This Africa’s first self-charging four-wheeler electric vehicle named the Agilitee-Go charges it’s from the sun and it gives you 400km range per charge which qualifies for long distance travels.

This is after the firm started rolling out electric scooters in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Agilitee Go has a travel range that can cover 400km if fully charged and also self-charges, 1100p HD Reverse Camera with a large central screen, sensitive and quick response combined hydraulic breaks, Front & Rear impact guard with a side protection for all occupants, Bluetooth hands-free calls, child lock Hill-Start assist control (HAC) and Automatic Gear,” Mandla Lamba, the Billionaire founder and Chief Executive Officer explained.

He also pointed out that the rise of EV cars is gaining momentum in the African continent.

“Today most green-tech start-ups in Africa are leading the continent’s charge towards electric mobility, this is a critical intervention in the fight against climate change driven by a global tide in the use of electric vehicles (EVs),” said Lamba

However, the continent’s shift to electric mobility lags behind Europe, the US and China, the global frontrunners in electric mobility.

The Billionaire noted that “In 2020 South Africa sold only 92 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) down from 154 in 2019, representing 0.02 per cent of domestic vehicle sales. Hybrid sales declined from 253 units in 2019 to 232 units in 2020. Nonetheless, several countries are developing comprehensive policy frameworks to catalyse the transition and adoption of electric mobility, he concluded.”

The firm has also set up a base in West Africa with its headquarters in Nigeria and East Africa with Headquarters opening in Kenya on the 1st of December 2022. In Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe, there are plans to establish assembly plants for cars, electric motorcycles, AI products and GreenTech products.

Agilitee electric vehicles do not rely on the grid to be charged as they are powered by solar and have a backup battery. Rake for instance Agilitee Go is powered by solar and the scooters use swappable batteries that come from Agilitee’s swapping machines which are 100% solar powered.

“Agilitee is not mincing its words and certainly not taking missteps either in pioneering the green revolution in Africa as it has been making bold and gigantic moves that make it evident enough that the company is now the true leader of Electric Vehicles for Africa. The company focuses on entry level cars to serve those who never thought they would ever even own a car one day,” said Lamba

The company takes it far by providing in-house finance for those who don’t qualify for traditional financing which is the first time in history to have in-house financing at zero percent interest rates, but again the founder is a billionaire, the richest man in South Africa and the second richest man in Africa so anything is possible when a company is owned by a man like Dr. Lamba who has that kind of money.

The car retails at $20 000/ R365 000 and you finally get your chance to say goodbye to petrol expenses and welcome yourself to saving money and driving a car that powers from the sun on good weather and can cost you $6/R97 to charge it from your house when there’s no sun, either way you win. $6 to get 400km range per charge is a gift from God is a statement boldly made by the founder when referring to Agilitee Go and it makes sense now.

Agilitee has started taking pre-orders and can deliver to any part of Africa. So wherever you are in Africa you can preorder as they also have the left hand drive version of Agilitee Go as well.

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