GUIDE: First timer’s tips to renting a car in Uganda

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Renting a car is almost required for popular safaris in Uganda but, doing it for the first time can be daunting. Rental cars in Uganda have become favorite and safest option for travelers to get around whether it is visiting the National Parks, Reserves or business trips in the city.

Finding a reputable and recognized car hire company/agency can be challenging but it is lasting solution to getting the right car for your road trip in Uganda. Every rental car type serves a different purpose, but for Uganda road trips, none beats 4×4 rental car. 4×4 rental cars are the best choice when it comes to all your self-drive tours, driver guided safaris, city tours or family safaris in Uganda etc.

As a first time traveler, finding a good car to rent in Uganda has its own challenges. Good and bad experiences have been shared about renting a car in Uganda. To have a hassle-free car rental Uganda experience, here are some of the important tips/steps to follow;

Book online

Booking a rental car in Uganda online is the easiest way to secure your ride for the next destination. Search online by typing different keywords for car hire or rental cars and go through the long list of car rental companies.

Check through the first 10 search results to guide you, make comparisons on their rates and deal with one with the best offers. Don’t forget to read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the car hire company you wish to book your rental car in Uganda with.

Due to high demand especially during the peak/high season, it is advisable that you have your rental car in Uganda booked early. At least book your car 2-4 months before the actual date of visiting Uganda for a holiday.

Read thoroughly the reviews

Visit TripAdvisor, safaribookings and read what the previous visitor said about the same car hire company. The different opinions should guide you in finding the right car hire Uganda Company to trust. It is important to consider dealing with a company with consistent positive reviews rather than the one with long list of negative reviews.

When searching for a car to hire in Uganda for self-drive tour or driver guided safaris, quality also matters. Finding a car rental company with quality rental cars in Uganda can be challenging but with adequate time invested, you will certainly get one.

Ask for price quotes

You have searched for car rental companies and now you want to narrow to one to deal with. Next step should be requesting for price quote for the rental car you plan to use for your Uganda road trips. Send email to us and our team can quickly respond to you or directly contact us on mobile/telephone contacts provided on the website. Note, don’t forget to read through the stipulated terms and conditions to avoid having issues later on.

Negotiate for the final rates

Renting a car in Uganda with us gives room to visitors to negotiate. We understand how the economy isn’t favoring our clients and this is why we are free to negotiate with you on car hire rates we you send to you. Once you have received the price quote for rental car, feel free to reach out to us, inquire if there are some discount offers for instance you are hiring a car for many days.


After you have finally decided and satisfied with rental car choice, next should be to make deposit as per your car hire company details. All payments should be made through the provided details from your car rental company or agency. Inquire for valid mode of payment from the car hire company to avoid paying money to wrong accounts/persons.


A stamped and signed receipt will be sent to you or you can get physically for visitors who walk in to offices. This will confirm your rental car booking with Us.


Most rental cars are comprehensively insured meaning, you are covered from costs from damages. But, it is also important for you to also have yourself insured, remember no one is 100% perfect and risks are everywhere.

Carry relevant documents

Relevant documents such as valid driver’s license translated in English or International driver’s license or permit, credit cards, passport/ID etc are essential when renting a car in Uganda.

Take pictures during pick up & drop off

To avoid having costs not planned for, it is important to take pictures of the vehicle, record every scratches, damages etc before setting off. This will protect you when you drop off the car and the company starts to claim that you are responsible for the damages. Have enough time to inspect the car prior driving it off from pick up point- just to ensure that all is right.

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