Hackers take full control of NUP social media accounts

Bobi Wine says hackers have taken full control of NUP social media pages

Bobi Wine has urged the public to disregard everything posted on National Unity Platform social media accounts following a compromise in their security.

Mr. Wine who the leader of the NUP said in a statement that all party social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook have been hacked into.

“Regime operatives have invested countless days trying to hack into our social media pages. Our NUP official Twitter and Facebook pages are currently compromised, and we are doing everything possible to regain full control of them,” he said

“Please disregard any fake propaganda posted there,” he added

The party spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has also confirmed the incident of the hacked social media platforms.

“When one is guilty, they always act in panic. The regime knowing it robbed Ugandans of their victory has hacked into the NUP pages and posted this fake “concession” letter,” he said

“What they are doing is like a child who steals sugar and then tries to clean their mouth afterwards,” he added.

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