He served with integrity and passion! UCC pays tribute to longest serving boss Eng. Simon Bugaba


Eng. Bugaba who succumbed to Coronavirus related complications on Thursday night was the Head Estates and Administration at UCC (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Uganda Communications Commission Executive Director Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo has paid tribute to Eng. Simon Bugaba as a committed patriot, who served with integrity and passion.

“I was honoured to have worked with and learnt alot from Mr. Bugaba. Over the years, he served with integrity and passion. He was also a good delegate of UCC, Uganda and even Africa to various regional and International fora in the communications sector. May he rest in peace,”
Eng. Irene Kaggwa said in a condolence message.

Eng. Bugaba who succumbed to Coronavirus related complications on Thursday night was the Head Estates and Administration at UCC.

Eng. Irene Kaggwa added:

“Fellow Ugandans, this is the time to forget our political, social, tribal, economic, religious, educational and other differences and stand in unison.
1st, each of us can help in curbing this COVID19 scourge. Let us encourage rather than discourage each other to observe the SoPs”.

Mr. Bugaba has been the longest serving employee at UCC since March 1998 and has served with dedication, passion and deligence.

Before his recent deployment into Estates and Administration docket, he was Head of Regional Operations at UCC.

He was previously in charge of Telecom Licensing and Service development as well as Service Quality compliance.

He has been in the communication business since 1988, during which he worked with the only Communication service provider for the country till 1998, when he joined the Uganda Communication as one of founding members of staff.

He has been active in ITU activities since 1995 up to date, mainly participating in WTSA, WRC, WTDC, TSAG and Plenipotentiary Conferences of ITU.

In October 2008 WTSA-08 elected Eng. Bugaba to serve the ITU-T as Vice-Chairman of Study Group 13 (Future networks including mobile and NGN).

In addition, Study Group 13 nominated Mr. Bugaba to serve as the Question 15/13 Rapporteur.

He was re-elected as a Vice-Chairman of SG 13 by WTSA-12 and until his death, he was continuing as the Rapporteur for Question 5/13 that is a continuation of Q15/13.

Study Group 13 nominated him to be the fisrt Chairman of the ITU-T SG13 Regional Group for Africa.

Eng Bugaba had a vast experience and an expertise of over three decades within the scope of the work of the ITU which had positioned him as an expert opinion leader on ICT matters from the African region as evidenced by his ability in broad consultation and building consensus.

UCC said Eng Bugaba was an innovative ICT expert with strengths in spectrum management.

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