Health experts advise Museveni to delay reopening

President Museveni Schools

President Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO /File)

As covid 19 cases keep spiking high since the recent past, experts from the Ministry of health have advised President Yoweri Museveni to delay the reopening of schools and the economy as more scientific studies are done to see how safe we can open up.

Since mid December, Covid cases have been on the rise with Uganda registering atleast 1000 new cases per day something that has worried the health officials predicting that the 3rd wave is already encircling the country with the health facilities likely to be overwhelmed by the number of patients.

The outbreak of Omicron covid variant has also made the situation worse. According to inside sources, the MoH officials were advising the president to cancel flights to and fro the high risk countries.

10th January 2022 had been the date set by the Ministry of Education for the reopening of schools, however it is not yet clear if this still stands.

President Museveni in his last Presidential address on covid 19 had vowed to fully open up the country regardless of whether People were vaccinated or not.

However the current situation is likely to be the determinant as to whether he will stick to his words or decide to follow the advise of the health experts.

Gen Museveni will be addressing the nation on the 31st of December with many expecting him to hit on what next about the reopening plans.

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