HEALTH FIRST! Kakuuto MP Geoffrey Lutaaya donates brand new ambulance to save lives in the border county

The branded Ambulance donated to Kakuuto County by New area MP Geoffrey Lutaaya (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Kakuuto County Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lutaaya has donated a brand new ambulance equipped with advanced life support systems to his constituents to boost the capacity of the health team in the wake of coronavirus threats.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) MP Lutaaya who started his first Parliamentary stint in May after ousting NRM’s Christopher Kalemba in the January elections said the ambulance has been deployed to provide to provide 24X7 pre-hospital emergency medical care to the needy and save lives of his constituents.

Lutaaya said the branded ambulance will be of help in the event that patient needs to be rushed to a health unit considering that all public transport has been banned and yet few people have their own means.

The legislator also beseeched government to give preferential treatment to the border areas with regard to resource allocations in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The prominent singer, turned politician said the border points are ill prepared to manage the rising cases of the coronavirus, fearing that the fight against the pandemic could even be prolonged if nothing is done.

His constituncy borders with troubled Tanzania where the virus has reportedly claimed hundreds of undocumented lives.

At least 42 patients succumbed to coronavirus on Saturday — extending the national tally to 626 fatalities, the Ministry of Health data showed.

The country also recorded 1397 new cases out of the 9341 tests conducted.

Ministry of Health data indicated that by June 17 the country had recorded a total of 70,176 Covid-19 cases and 49,327 had beaten the virus.

Some 1,004 patients are admitted in hospitals across the country. The positivity rate remained at 14.6per cent.

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