Hoima’s Nyakato leads Parliamentary committee to Hoima Referral Hospital

Hoima City MP Nyakato led chairs a Covid-19 task force (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Members of Parliament  on Covid-19 task force got shocked by the state of hospitals in Bunyoro Sub Region.

Led by Woman MP Hoima City Nyakato Asinansi who also is a member of the committee, the team toured Hoima Regional Referral Hospital where health workers are demanding arrears of allowances since last year amounting to UGX. 270 million.

The health workers decried lack of enough protective gears, oxgyen and other supplies including Face Masks yet the Covid-19 cases are on the rise.

Masindi Hospital which the committee visited also was chocking with debts—with the Committee findingoout that it was being demanded over UGX. 100 million for water and electricity.

The MPs wondered why the budget that was passed could not sort such issues.

MP Nyakato while speaking to the press said that the government should account for the money they received and explain why these arrears were not paid.

The committee proceeded to Toro and Rwenzori regions

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