How Seed Schools performed in UACE 2020

KAMPALA – The idea of “Seed Schools” is as a practical remedy to the immediate challenge of setting up infrastructure.

The basic idea ran as follows: “Let each sub county offer land; let the community identify what they are able to contribute; let the government, where feasible, construct classroom blocks and pay the teachers who work in the school.” This is an addition to USE policy

The performance of seed schools slightly improved between 5-10 points. There is also an increase in candidature in the seed schools. Also, atleast 30.19% of the seed schools UACE Candidature for 2020 scored less than 5 points

We now detail rankings for the Seed school from the UACE 2020 results

NoSchoolDistrict15-202021-10-14 00:00:002021-05-09 00:00:000 -4
1Kansanga Seed SSKampala938385
2Kaikolongo Seed SSLwengo1481
3Mateete Comp Seed SsSsembabule693612
4Buwambo Seed SSWakiso17254
5Naggulu Seed SchoolWakiso013267
6Bukonte Seed SSNamatumba13133
7Busede Seed SSJinja0393
8Mugungulu Seed SSMubende0393
9Kisozi Seed SSGomba15248
10Chahi Seed SSKisoro1113415
11Kamwenge Seed Col. SchoolKamwenge01152
12Bulamu Seed SSMpigi04108
13Mpumudde Seed SSJinja1055
14Karusandara Seed SSKasese00126
15Bumadu Seed SSBundibugyo031113
16Buwesswa Seed SS,MbaleManafwa0198
17Bagezza Seed SSMubende00128
18Baligeya Mem. Seed SSBuyende0145
19Kalongo Seed SsNakasongola0145
20Pakadha Seed SSZombo021415
21Kiyuya Seed SSMasindi0086
22Bussi Seed SSWakiso0097
23Chemanga Seed SSKween0157
24Mpeefu Seed SSKagadi0076
25Mustard Seed SSKamuli0076
26Bumasifa Seed SSSironko0088
27Lotuke Seed SS,Abim0056
28Atutur Seed SSKumi0046
29Kisiita Seed SSKakumiro0046
30Kkome Seed SSMukono0035
31Ojetenyang Seed SchoolSerere0049
32Nyamarebe Seed SSIbanda0037
33Kobwin Seed SSNgora0029
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