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How socialite Bad Black escaped from luxury city apartment after defaulting on UGX.18 million rent, utilities

Shanitah Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black escaped from city apartment after defaulting on rent (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — City socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa better known as Bad Black is rumoured to have failed to pay her house rent for several months and escaped from her apartment at Bukasa Lane, Butabika without clearing the landlord.

Bad Black who is being housed by a friend at an apartment in Muyenga, is said to have vacated the place during curfew hours to avoid eviction embarrassment.

According to notice, Bad Black faced an eviction over UGX. 18m in a spat in back rent and utilities.

The landlord accused Bad Black of constantly breaching the tenant’s agreement by defaulting on rent for months.

“…. You informed me that you had traveled and would be able to immediately pay USD5000 (Shs18m) and the balance of the arrears would be sent to our bank account,” the law firm said in a notice dated 18 June, 2021.

“You have not fulfilled your promise. This is a demand that you vacate the house by 30th June 2021 at 12pm to avoid a forceful eviction. Failure to comply, we shall use police and have your property removed and confiscated until you pay the rent arrears in full.”

In her own courthouse testimony, under oath, Shanita became a prostitute in 2005.

Prior to that, she had tried several different trades, including hawking merchandise on the streets of Kampala.

According to Bad Black, she averaged US$200 a day, servicing three clients every 24 hours on average.

Weekends were better than weekdays.

She targeted Caucasian men “because they had dollars, which I was most interested in”.

She operated mainly from Kampala Speke Hotel.

In June 2009 at the Rock Gardens in Speke Hotel, in central Kampala, Shanita Namuyimbwa, age 19.5 years met David Greenhalgh, age 51 years, a married British businessman from Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England and a father of two.

The two developed a mutual attraction and exchanged telephone numbers.

Later they had drinks and spent the night together after negotiating and agreeing on a price.

In a period of a few months, the relationship blossomed from a commercial sex affair to a mistress affair.

He opened bank accounts in her name, both in Uganda Shillings and United States Dollars.

He bought her a house in Munyonyo, an upscale neighborhood of Kampala, on the northern shores of Lake Nalubaale (formerly Lake Victoria).

He funded joint trips for both of them to exotic destinations, including Nairobi, Kenya and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He also deposited and had other people deposit over US$4 million in the bank accounts to which she was a signatory.

Namuyimbwa became pregnant by David Greenhalgh.

Legal trouble

In late 2011, less than 18 months after they first met, David Greenhalgh filed a case of Embezzlement against Namuyimbwa.

Jointly charged with her was one Meddie Ssentongo, a Kampala businessman.

Hearing of the case before Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, kicked off in February 2012, at the Anti Corruption Division of the High Court of Uganda, in Kampala.

In July 2012, Shanita was convicted of embezzling USh11 billion (US$3,824,130 at that time), from the bank account of Davishan Development Uganda Limited, a company where Greenhalgh owned 75 percent shareholding and Namuyimbwa owned 25 percent.

Shanita’s co-accused, Medi Ssentongo was convicted of conspiring to defraud the company.

The judge sentenced Namuyimbwa to four years in prison for embezzlement and Medi Ssentongo was sentenced to 18 months in prison for conspiracy to defraud.

Life in prison

After she served her four year sentence, she was released from prison on 14 March 2016.

None of the nearly US$3.9 million that she was convicted of embezzling was recovered.

Other brushes with the law included her arrest at Kigali International Airport in October 2013, on an Interpol arrest warrant, for jumping bail in Kampala.

She was extradited back to Uganda.

In 2020, during the lock down to contain the spread of Covid 19, Bad Black made a video recording of herself urging other prostitutes in the country to avoid contact with long-distance truck drivers, who have exhibited a high prevalence rate of the disease among them.

The Uganda Ministry of Health was of the view that her appearance was pro bono, but she insisted that she should be paid for her appearance.

When payment was not forthcoming, she threatened to start releasing names of high-ranking government officials who have used her services.

Eventually she received payment for her services through Balaam Barugahare, a music promoter.

Bad Black acknowledged being paid. The amount of the payment was not disclosed.

As of now 2021, Namuyimbwa is the mother of three children:

1. A daughter born circa 2007, whose father is a Ugandan of African descent

2. A son born in January 2010, whose father is a Portuguese of Caucasian descent and;

3. A son born in May 2012, whose father is David Greenhalgh, a British citizen of Caucasian descent.

All three men were at one time clients of the children’s mother.

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