How the consumption of home-based immunity boosters in large quantity is dangerous

Martins Kato is a Biotechnologist (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Like we are all aware that there is no cure for COVID 19 as yet, but recovery is on due to the treatment of symptoms (flu, cough, fever, etc.) and later boosting the immunity. However, those with breathing difficulties first seek for enough oxygen supply from ICUs.

But locally in our homes, were advised to use fruits as immunity boosters such as lemons, oranges, garlic, ginger, tangerines among others; They provide vitamin C which increase the production of white blood cells which are key in fighting infections such as corona virus in this case.

Because our bodies don’t produce or store vitamin C; you need to take it for continued health.
Unfortunately, consumption of large quantities of the common fruits such as ginger, garlic and lemons can cause dangerous side effects to our bodies.

More than 5g ginger extract can ferment in the stomach hence producing ethanol and intestinal gases causing stomach upsets, due to difficulty in digestion (on a daily basis)
Direct consumption of more than 1 lemon (on a daily basis) which is a source of citric acid that can worsen common maladies like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid reflux (Its symptoms include; Heartburn, Nausea & vomiting)
More than 3 cloves of raw garlic cause a burning sensation in the mouth or even the stomach, heartburn, bad odor and diarrhea.

And once taken in concoction form (blended mixture of the above) in much quantities; It causes irritation of the stomach lining which increases the secretion of acid thus causing ulcers
 Otherwise blend 5 pcs of garlic, 2 lemons, 4 thumb sized ginger and 5 pcs of red pepper in 1 liter of hot water.

Take only 2 – 3 table spoons twice a day NOT on an empty stomach

Normalize eating greens as part of your meals.

For the case of steaming, NO steam from either your herbal concoction or water that kills corona virus but rather, it mainly soothes and opens the nasal passage thus getting relief from the symptoms of a cold and enhancing proper entry of oxygen.

Otherwise, lets continue making exercises at least for 15 minutes daily, taking plenty of water for our immunity will be strong enough to fight this corona virus.

Let’s continue wearing our masks, sanitize and keeping distance and staying home if possible


This writer, Martins Kato is a Biotechnologist (PHOTO /Courtesy)

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