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How to book Uganda Airlines ticket online


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PML Daily senior reporter Javira Ssebwami Nsimbe was among the first Ugandans to travel with Uganda Airlines. The airline launched operations after years of halt

KAMPALA — Travellers can now book online to travel Uganda Airlines after the national flag carrier opened a web portal for online bookings last week.

The airline made its maiden flight on Tuesday 27 to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Kenya.

Ms. Jennifer Bamutulaki Musiime, the Commercial and Marketing Director of Uganda Airlines says the introduction of a web portal will enable travellers to easily book flights to and from the country.

“It is one of the new methods we have introduced ad wish all our clients adopt to using this technology for booking to avoid wastage of time while moving to the different offices we have,” Bamutulaki says.

Under the online booking, a client logs into the Uganda Airlines website and insert your initials, where you are travelling from and the final destination, travel date, gender and the type of flight.

Ms. Bamutulaki says, there is a need to attain better marketing strategies that would help clients used the flagship carrier.

For instance, if a passenger is travelling from Entebbe International Airport to Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you go to the airlines’ website and insert the date, and final destination and the type of flight you want.

The website indicates the number of flights the airline will run on a particular day you are supposed to travel on submission, one is requested to insert initials and the payment method a client is expected to use to pay for the flight.

Samora Ssemakula, the Quality Assurance Manager for Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) says the introduction of the flights to the different destinations in the region will help in marketing the country which may, in turn, lead to more tourists coming to the country.

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